• Comet Modellers

    Comet Modellers

    Advisor(s): Mr. Wolfe

    Purpose: To incide an interest in history and science through the construction of historical and fictional subjects. Additionally, research and artistic skills will be developed and enhanced.

    Meetings: Friday mornings at 8:00 AM in Mr. Wolfe's room, 1.279.


    Include but are not limited to Basic building skills:

    • seam filling
    • brush painting
    • detailing
    • airbrushing
    • weathering

    Affiliations: No affiliation.

  • Girls on a Mission

    Girls on a Mission

    Advisor(s): Mrs. Madison and Mrs. Polk.

    Purpose: Community Service and Leadership Training

    Meetings: Bi-weekly meetings on Wednesdays, afterschool in Madison/Polk Classrooms

    Cost: $25 fee which covers cost of activities and food plus participants will receive a T-Shirt

    Activities: Girls on a Mission will have forums, seminars, and outings for the students.

    Affiliations: None.

  • Peer Leaders

    Peer Leaders

    Advisor(s): Ms. Langdon

    Purpose: The Mission of the Grace Snell Peer Leaders is to assist their peers in student needs in the areas of academic knowledge and skills, college and career readiness, behavior, and personal/social development. Peer Leaders are responsible, reliable, and informative. As peer advocates for each student, it is the mission of the peer leaders to ensure that they are positive representations and role models for Grace Snell Middle School. Peer Leaders offer golden nuggets to improve relationships at Grace Snell.

    Meetings: Monthly meetings vary but usually occur on Fridays during 8th Grade Connections and also as needed when assisting with GSMS events

    Activities: Assist with Open House, Curriculum Night, PBIS-sponsored events, service projects within the South Gwinnett community, and provide leadership skills for students at Grace Snell to learn from and model.

    Cost: $35 which includes a T-Shirt for all participants and to assist in food/activities

    Affiliations: GCPS Peer Leadership and the Peer Leadership Conference.

  • Readers' Rally

    Readers' Rally

    Advisor(s): Mr. Beitzel, Ms. Dalziel, and Ms. Townes

    Purpose: Our purpose is to read young adult books and compete against other schools.

    Meetings: Thursdays in the Media Center.

    Activities: Weekly in-school meetings and competition in February.

    Affiliations: Affiliated with Gwinnett County Public Schools

  • Strategist Club

    Strategist Club

    Advisor(s): Mr. Wolfe

    Purpose: To incite an interest in history and critical thinking through the playing of historical and fictional board/miniature/classic games. Additionally, research and artistic skills will be developed and enhanced.

    Meetings: 4:30PM-5:30PM on the first Wednesday of the month in Mr. Wolfe's room, 1.279. Additional days may be added depending on interest.

    Activities: Some potential activities include:

    • Critical thinking skills
    • Understanding of political and physical features of various maps/game boards
    • Math skills
    • Traditional games such as chess and checkers
    • Experiencing history through minature and board wargames
    • Cooperative learning opportunities

    Affiliations: None.