• Anime Club

    Anime Club


    Club Sponsor/s: Melissa Fargason and Grace Kim 

    Brief Explanation of the Club: An anime club is an organization that meets to discuss, show, and promote anime in a local community setting and can also focus on broadening Japanese cultural understanding.

    Meeting Start Date: September 2rd @ 4:30 - 5:30

    Meeting Dates and Times: First Thursday of every month from 4:30 to 5:30

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up: Google Form

  • Comet Modellers

    Comet Modellers

    Advisor(s): Mr. Wolfe

    Purpose: To incide an interest in history and science through the construction of historical and fictional subjects. Additionally, research and artistic skills will be developed and enhanced.

    Meetings: Friday mornings at 8:00 AM in Mr. Wolfe's room, 1.279.


    Include but are not limited to Basic building skills:

    • seam filling
    • brush painting
    • detailing
    • airbrushing
    • weathering

    Affiliations: No affiliation.

  • DIY Club

    DIY Club 

    Club Sponsor/s: Ms. Hooks 

    Brief Explanation of the Club: DIY is you create it, and people admire it.  

    Meeting Start Date: First meeting date is 10/05/2021 at 8:00 AM. (Subject to change) 

    Meeting Dates and Times: You will be emailed a calendar with specific dates and times.   

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up:  Students need to go to room 1.422 to sign up with Ms. Hooks by the deadline of 10/01/2021.   

  • Drama Club

    Drama Club

    Club Sponsor/s: A. Massey, Brewington, Her, Arenas

    Brief Explanation of the Club: The GSMS Drama Club will provide interested students an opportunity to participate in various elements of drama/theater including monologues and a spring production. This includes learning stage terminology, working on acting skills, set building, and costumes/makeup design. Auditions will be held for any lead roles. 

    Meeting Start Date: September 1st - first meeting. Parent Meeting to begin at 5:15. 

    Meeting Dates and Times: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 4:30 - 5:45 pm

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up: Students should have their parents complete a Drama Club Parent Permission Form and pay their $10 dues prior to the first day. Parent permission forms can be picked up in the Parent Center or emailed to them. 

  • Environmental Club

    GSMS Community Garden/Environmental Club

    Club Sponsor/s: Stacy Madison/Larry Dyson

    Brief Explanation of the Club: In conjunction with the environmental club, the Garden Club will plant and harvest the community garden

    Meeting Start Date: All interested students and faculty meet on Fall Planting day Saturday, 09/18/21 @ 8am at the garden

    Meeting Dates and Times: 

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up: 

  • Girls on a Mission

    Girls on a Mission

    Club Sponsor/s: Madison, Shaw, Mallard, Fountain, Taylor, Alston

    Brief Explanation of the Club: GOAM is a mission-driven club for young ladies at GSMS. We believe in servant leadership and will assist the school with mission projects for the community at large

    Meeting Start Date: Wednesday, September 8th @ 4:30 pm-5:30 (interest meeting) rm#1.245

    Meeting Dates and Times: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up: Students need to attend interest meeting and create their own personal mission

  • Girls Who Code

    Girls Who Code

    Club Sponsor/s: Stacy Madison

    Brief Explanation of the Club: GWC is a national organization that teaches young girls the expertise of coding

    Meeting Start Date: Monday, October 4th Interest Meeting

    Meeting Dates and Times: Monthly on Mondays after school

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up: Girls who are interested in learning coding/dues


  • JLC Raiders and JLC Drill Team

    JLC Raiders and JLC Drill Team

    Name of the Club: JLC Raiders and JLC Drill Team/Color Guard

    Club Sponsor/s: SFC Edward Boyd, Shanelle Pagan-(Co-Sponsor)

    Brief Explanation of the Club:  Raiders- Junior Leadership physical fitness competition team, Drill Team- Junior Leadership formal drill competition team

    Meeting Start Date: Raider 8/31 Drill 9/9

    Meeting Dates and Times: Raiders Tuesdays til 6:30 Drill Thursdays til 6:30 (both start at 4:30) Competition schedule TBA

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up: We will send a permission form home with interested JLC students

  • Multicultural Club

    Multicultural Club

    Club Sponsor/s:  Jimmmieann Turner 

    Brief Explanation of the Club:  

    Our Mission Statement: The Grace Snell Middle School Multicultural Club honors and promotes awareness of cultural diversity in an effort to bring people together toward friendship and greater understanding of each other's cultures.  

    Start Meeting Date:  September 13th

    Meeting Dates and Times:  Mondays after school - 4:30-5:30 

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up:  Students need to see Ms. Turner for an application and permission to stay after school form.  


  • Peer Leaders

    Peer Leaders

    Name of the Club: Peer Leader Club 

    Club Sponsor/s: Langdon and Brown-Little

    Brief Explanation of the Club: Peer Leaders is a club where students are selected in the 7th grade. Students must pass all of academic classes, and have little to zero behavioral infractions. Peer Leaders attend a county wide Peer Leader Conference, assist with rising 6th grade visits and 8th grade week. Peer Leaders are also active in delivering advisement lessons to the 6th grade homerooms, as well managing their Peer Leader website for Grace Snell Family. 

    Meeting Start Date: August 13th 2021 @ 3:15- 3:45

    Meeting Dates and Times: Once a month during connections- with added meetings as needed throughout the school year. 


  • Readers' Rally

    Readers' Rally

    Name of the Club: Readers Rally

    Club Sponsor/s: Benjamin Beitzel & Katrina Shaw

    Brief Explanation of the Club: Book club where we read books and then compete against other schools

    Meeting Start Date: 09/09/21

    Meeting Dates and Times: Thursdays at 8:15 a.m. in the Media Center

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up: Attend first meeting

  • Strategist Club

    Strategist Club

    Advisor(s): Mr. Wolfe

    Purpose: To incite an interest in history and critical thinking through the playing of historical and fictional board/miniature/classic games. Additionally, research and artistic skills will be developed and enhanced.

    Meetings: 4:30PM-5:30PM on the first Wednesday of the month in Mr. Wolfe's room, 1.279. Additional days may be added depending on interest.

    Activities: Some potential activities include:

    • Critical thinking skills
    • Understanding of political and physical features of various maps/game boards
    • Math skills
    • Traditional games such as chess and checkers
    • Experiencing history through minature and board wargames
    • Cooperative learning opportunities

    Affiliations: None.

  • Student Council

    Student Council

    Club Sponsor/s: Dr. Brougton, Ms. Burkett, Ms. Mayes, Ms. Verrett

    Brief Explanation of the Club: The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body.

    Meeting Start Date: 9/2/21

    Meeting Dates and Times: 3rd & 4th Thursday 4:30PM-5:45PM

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up: https://forms.gle/K2Ct4ieXXWFcp3D46

  • Video Production Club

    Video Production Club

    Club Sponsor/s: Mr. Gorgans and Ms. Houston

    Brief Explanation of the Club: VPC runs the morning announcements and helps train students on AV equipment. Whether you enjoy being on camera, or prefer to help behind the scenes, come join us as we keep the student body informed on everything happening around GSMS!

    Meeting Start Date: 8/25

    Meeting Dates and Times: During homeroom (and before or after school, as needed for recording)

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up: See Mr. Gorgans or Ms. Houston in the Media Center

  • Wellness & Stress Management Club

    Wellness & Stress Management Club

    Name of the Club: Wellness/Stress Management Club

    Club Sponsor/s: Langdon - Madison, Verrett, Hall

    Brief Explanation of the Club: Open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade. The Wellness club will meet once a month- typically the last THURSDAY of each month. This is after school from 4:20-5:15. Students will need to be picked up in the back by 5:15. Any student who is picked up later than 5:15 3 times will not be able to attend. 

    Meeting Start Date: WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 22nd @ 4:20 

    Meeting Dates and Times: 4th Wednesday of each month from 4:20 to 5:15

    Specific Directions for Student Sign Up: For students who want to come please email Ms. Langdon BEFORE THE DAY OF OUR MEETING at tierney.langdon@gcpsk12.org. I will then email your care taker confirmation as well as where and what time to pick up students.