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    As we look forward to a new school year, nutritiously planned and colorful school lunches will be available for your child.  Breakfast and lunch will be served as part of the total education program at our school.  Numerous studies have proven that a child cannot concentrate in the classroom when they are hungry.

    Meal Schedule

    All classes have an assigned 30 minute lunch period scheduled in the school cafeteria.  A new class is scheduled to enter the serving lines every 5 minutes.  To facilitate a schedule this precise, it is important that payment and serving be handled as smoothly as possible.  Breakfast is offered between 7:45am and 8:10am.  Breakfast will be extended for late arrival buses.  At the 8:10 bell, all students will leave the cafeteria and move to their classrooms.  Students arriving after 8:10 will take their breakfast to their classrooms.  Breakfast consist of a daily hot or cold item, fruit and a milk for $1.50.  The lunch menu offers 2-3 entrée choices, including 1 vegetarian choice, 2-3 side items from the vegetable and fruit groups and a milk for $2.25.  The cafeteria also features different fresh Farm to School items each month.


    The School Nutrition Program is self-supporting receiving no state or local tax dollars.  The financial health of the program depends on parents keeping their child’s account up to date.  We encourage parents to prepay to ensure their child’s account always has funds to cover their meals.  Prepayment can be done for the week, month, year or any amount you wish online at or cash or check brought to the cafeteria.  Cash and check payments need to be in an envelope with the child’s first & last name and ID number listed on it.  If a payment is for more than 1 child, please list each child and the amount for each child on the check or envelope.

    Elementary school students will be allowed to charge up to $11.25.  Once the charge limit has been met the student may receive a designated alternate meal at no charge as defined by the School Nutrition Program.  A charge notice will be completed for each occurrence and notification will be sent home to the parent/guardian through the student.  Additionally, once the charge limit has been met the parent/guardian will be notified by the local school via phone call, letter or email.  Charges are not allowed for supplemental or ala carte items.  Charging for meals will not be allowed after April 30th


    Food accommodations can be made with proper paperwork on file in the cafeteria.  If a parent does not want a child to eat breakfast, lunch or to purchase extras, just send a letter to the cafeteria manager stating what your request is and it will be put on the child’s account.  This needs to be requested every year except for medical request.   If the child is lactose intolerant, an alternative such as soy milk or water will be provided in place of milk if a letter is on file with the cafeteria.

    Free and Reduced Lunch

    The Free and Reduced program is available to families that qualify.  You may apply for this program online at or on the GCPS website anytime during the school year.  You can find out the status of your application at An application needs to be filled out every year, after July 1, to remain on the program if your family qualifies (1 application for the family with each child listed).  To expedite application processing, it is very important you provide all required information.  If the application has been filled out properly a confirmation number will be given (this does not mean you automatically qualify).  The confirmation number will be needed to check on the status of your application.  You are responsible for any charges until you are approved by the Free and Reduced office.  Reduced price is $.30 for breakfast and $.40 for lunch.  After being approved, to receive the special pricing, the child must get a whole meal.


    Visitors for lunch should check in at the office and get a visitor sticker.  The visitor should wait for the student in the hallway by the cafeteria entrance, not the classroom.  There is a designated area in the cafeteria for parents to sit with their child, not with the class.  No other students are allowed to join the parent and child for lunch.  This is a safety precaution that will be enforced by the teacher and lunchroom monitors.  Please remember that fast food, glass bottles nor soda cans are permitted in the cafeteria.  If a parent needs to take a student home after lunch, the parent must have a check out slip signed by the office staff before the student is released.  An adult lunch is $3 which consist of an entrée, 2-3 sides and tea.   Thank you in advance for following these visitor expectations.

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