• Scheduling a Meeting with Your Counselor During COVID-19

    Parents and students, if you wish to speak with your grade level counselor during this time you may communiacte with them via email or Zoom video conference between regular school hours. If you wish to communicate through Zoom conference please email your counselor with your student ID number and your question and/or concern to schedule a time. Your counselor will follow-up with a video link invite to confirm the meeting.

    Counselor Email:

    6th Grade Counselor Ms.Gabby Smith- Gabby.Smith@gcpsk12.org or (404) 855-1503

    7th Grade Counselor Mr.Timothy Irving Jr.-Timothy.Irving@gcpsk12.org 

    8th Grade Counselor Ms. Melissa Billet- Melissa.Billet@gcpsk12.org 

  • COVID-19 Resources

    Staying Motivated during DLD

    Coping with Stress

    Talking with your child about COVID-19

    Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Students

    Lunch, Internet, and Storage Resources

    State Testing

    self care

    Talking with your child:

  • counseling logo

    Welcome to Trickum Middle School! Here at Trickum, we have three school counselors who are assigned to each grade level. School counselors are unique individuals who support all students through a comprehensive program that addresses academic, career and social/emotional development. To learn more about our program, click the tabs below! To to the left, you will see tabs for each of the grade level counselors to learn more about us! 


    During digital learning, Gwinnett County School Counselors will continue supporting students' academic success, career development, and social-emotional growth, utilizing Zoom and Google Meet for individual meetings, conferences, presentations, groups, and classroom lessons/activities.

  • Mission & Vision

    Mission Statement

    Trickum Middle School’s Counseling Department will ensure learning for all students to achieve success in academics, career exploration, and social/emotional development. All students will have access to a comprehensive counseling program in order to pursue academic knowledge, skills, and behaviors resulting in future college and career success. 

    Vision Statement

    All students of Trickum Middle School, after being exposed to a counseling program of meaningful, educational and social experiences, will be problem solvers, decision makers, effective communicators and critical thinkers. They will use these skills as tools for successful relationships, personally and professionally.

  • Individual Counseling

    Students can meet with the counselor one-on-one to discuss any idividual concerns. Individual counseling sessions are short-term. Meeting with the school counselor is not a replacement for mental health counseling or psychotherapy. 

  • Small Groups

    Small groups typically include 6 to 8 students and last for 6-8 weeks. This year, our small groups topics will be self-esteem, social skills, high achiever's anxiety, and bullying. If you would like to see another topic, please let your school counselor know!​

  • Classroom Curriculum

    We aim to meet with classes throughout the year in order to provide developmentally appropriate lessons to all students. This year, we will be visiting every classroom to teach Teen Lures and GCIS, as well as a few others. All lessons will align with Georgia's Competencies for the appropriate grade level, as well as the American School Counselor Association's (ASCA's) Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success.