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    P.B.I.S. at G.I.V.E.
    "Positive Behavior Intervention and Support"

  • GIVE Center West School-Wide Student Expectation Matrix

    Whatever It Takes…. Together!

  • Search

    • Listen attentively to search team personnel.
    • Follow all aspects of dress code.
  • Boardwalk/Hallway

    • Be mindful of others: show compassion, and be kind to others.
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    • Use appropriate language.
  • Restroom

    • Respect school property.

    • Respect the privacy of self/others.

    • Respect the facility.

    • Bully Free Zone.

  • Classroom

    • Respect the opinions of others.
    • Participate in your classes.
    • Minimize social distractions.
    • Use proper online etiquette.
  • Cafeteria

    • Use appropriate language.
    • Use appropriate voice tone.
    • Clean your eating area.
  • Dismissal

    • Be respectful of bus staff.
    • Remain in dress code.
    • Leave with designated parent.
    • Use appropriate language.  
  • Search

    • Be prepared to put all of your items in the carton.
    • Maintain a positive attitude.
    • Grab breakfast and go straight to class.
    • Be on time.
  • Boardwalk/Hallway

    • Walk safely and slowly.

    • Walk quietly, calmly, and arrive on time to next class.

    • Keep your shirt tucked in & belt on waist.

  • Restroom

    • Wash hands with soap/flush toilet.

    • Throw paper towels in trash.

    • Use time wisely.

  • Classroom

    • Teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.
    • Follow the classroom procedures.
    • Have all assignments completed.
    • Line up quietly for your next class.
  • Cafeteria

    • Eat at assigned table.
    • Throw away your trash when instructed.
    • Wait to be dismissed.
  • Dismissal

    • Listen silently during dismissal.
    • Wait until your name or means of transportation is called before departing.
    • Know your bus number and location.
  • Search

    • Report any safety concerns to staff.
    • Maintain appropriate dress code throughout the day.
    • Have all school supplies.
  • Boardwalk/Hallway

    • Follow all directions of staff members.
    • Respect displays, artwork and any property.
  • Restroom

    • Clean up behind yourself.
    • Keep it neat.
    • If there is no adult present, leave the restroom.
  • Classroom

    • Use technology appropriately.
    • Do your own work.
    • Always give your best effort.
  • Cafeteria

    • Bring your lunch fees.
    • Respect cafeteria staff.
    • Take proper/appropriate servings. 
  • Dismissal

    • Obey driver.
    • Get on and off at proper stop.
    • Go directly home.
    • Sit in assigned seat on bus.
  • PBIS is at its Best at GIVE West!

    Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) is a nationally recognized program that is supported by the Georgia Department of Education and Gwinnett County Public Schools to promote and maximize academic achievement and behavioral competence. PBIS facilitates school-wide interventions that help all students achieve important social and learning goals.  We know that when appropriate behavior and effective teaching come together, our students will excel in their academic achievement.

    The G.I.V.E. philosophy is Ready, Responsible, and Respectful.  As a part of PBIS, we have established clear behavioral expectations throughout the school.  These expectations are taught through our advisement program here at GIVE West and are clearly and visually posted throughout the school.   It is a school-wide expectation that all students and staff become familiar with the G.I.V.E. philosophy.   

    Another important component of PBIS is rewarding students who make a conscious effort socially.  Therefore, PBIS rewards and acknowledges students with prizes/celebrations on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis for their behavioral achievements.  Our PBIS school-wide expectations focus on monthly targeted positive behavior, which in turn foster a safer school environment and allows teachers to maximize instructional time.  

    We sincerely believe that by helping students practice good behavior, we are building a school community where all students have an environment where they can succeed, learn, and grow.

    Please join us in this unified effort to ensure that all of our students are GIVE(N) the opportunity to improve each day by encouraging your child to follow school rules and perform to the best of their ability.