•                                                    School Council Nominations
      What strengths or insights could you bring to School Council to benefit the Aracado school community? What school concerns or accomplishments would you like to see discussed at School Council? Why do you want to serve on School Council?
    Harishkumar Patel I can work to strengthen education system and school safety and security I can work to strengthen education system and school safety and security Focus on today’s learning system for our tomorrow’s citizens
    Ghanshyam Patel (GP) I have been on Arcado school council board since 2018 and I would like to build more based on prior years experience (checks and balances role). The key is to listen to the frequently raised concerns by parents/community and then present it to school council board for resolution. School performance, Safety , Frequently raised community concerns Because I care for my community and school. And I would like to use my prior years experience on school council board (since 2018) to further enhance this liaison role.
    Adrienne Simmons I've had two children to attend Arcado, a boy and a girl. I am a former classroom teacher, literacy coach, and program manager for the Georgia Department of Education. I have a doctoral degree in educational leadership and am very passionate about helping ALL students to succeed. Literacy instruction, differentiated instruction & remediation, gifted student identification and teaching practices, how students are assigned to classes. As a recently elected GCPS Board Member, serving on the School Council will provide invaluable context in decision making. I have two students enrolled in GCPS. I want to do my part to ensure ALL students have their needs met.
    Sophia Jetpuri-Naviwala With 18 years of educator experience in public, private, international, and charter schools, and having taught grades 2nd-9th, I have a wealth of experience of meeting student needs. I have a Masters of Curriculum and Instruction, Masters in Educational Administration, and a Bachelors in Education, with Georgia teacher certification. I would love to celebrate the teachers and thier dedication through shortages, acknowledge students with special needs with more ways, and see a more inclusive school calendar of events with respect to holidays and cultures. I love the diversity of Arcado and the community we are housed in, which is why I would love to use my knowledge and skills to help our school and children grow and succeed. I would like to make sure that all students needs are serviced.
    Allison Koski I am a veteran educator with 28 years of teaching experience and a dedicated teacher at Arcado. I have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with endorsements in ESOL and Gifted. I am a GCPS parent and an active member in our community. Arcado is filled with hardworking and dedicated teachers and staff. I have seen our teaching community not only serve our students tirelessly but support and lift eacho ther up. The diversity at Arcado is a window into both our community and the world. Everyone should feel welcome and have a sense of belonging. Developing partnerships founded in understanding, respect, and empathy with all stakeholders will enrich all. I would like to share my passion for developmentally appropriate education of the whole child and for the whole child, so that every student at Arcado feels heard, seen, valued and learns a life-long love of learning.
    Nicole Trimble I have been a member of the Arcado community since 2003. I've had the opportunity to watch the community grow. I am a 23 year veteran teacher that understands the unique needs of the school. I have my Coaching, Gifted, and ELL endorsements. I am a parent of 3 daughters that have matriculated through Arcado and Parkview Cluster. My degrees are in Early Childhood Education and Educational Leadership. I serve and have served on several educational boards and understand the dynamics of collaborative partnerships so that all students can reach their highest potential. School staff works hard to encourage students to be successful. I would like to see more parent partnerships at Arcado on an academic basis as well as partnerships that give parents opportunities to be involved in nonacademic areas. As a diverse school, I want parents to know that they are welcomed, not matter what language or background, and we need them present and productive. I have been teaching at Arcado for almost 20 years. I am vested in the school, the community, and all the stars that shine brightly here at the school. Serving on the council will give me an opportunity to help make sure the school continues to grow so that ALL students are successful.
  • School Council meetings are public and can be attended by any Arcado parent

    The A+ Education Reform Act of 2000 established school councils in Georgia to “bring communities and schools closer together in a spirit of cooperation to:

    • solve difficult education problems'
    • improve academic achievement
    • provide support for teachers and administrators
    • and bring parents into the school-based decision-making process kids in the gym

    School councils provide advice, recommendations, and assistance to principals and local boards of education. The law details the composition of the council, its responsibilities, and procedures for conducting business.

    The 2004 General Assembly in HB 1190 provided flexibility in membership, chairmanship, meetings, elections, and trainings for school councils. The changes also provided clarity that school councils are to focus on student achievement and school improvement.

    The 2007 General Assembly changed the composition of school councils, requiring that a majority of members be parents (or guardians) and that at least two parents be businesspersons. At a minimum, a School Council is composed of seven members:

    • The Principal
    • Two certificated teachers elected by the teachers (please list as “Teacher”)
    • Four parents (or guardians) elected by the parents (please list as “Parent”); two of the parents must be businesspersons (please list as “Parent/Business Person”)
    • The school council may, within its bylaws, increase the number of members, as long as the parents remain the majorit


  • Arcado School Council Members

    • Dr. Paula Thompson, Principal
    • Bianca Andrade, Parent
    • Jessica Cromwell, Parent
    • GP Patel, Parent


    Meeting Schedule 2022-2023


    Agendas & Minutes to Meetings