• Book Club - PTA

    Book Club

    During school we offer a Book Club. Second through fifth grade students have the opportunity to read a book each semester with classmates and share about the book once each week during a “working lunch”. Parent facilitators lead the Book Club discussions.

  • Camp Creek Live

    Camp Creek Live

  • Chess Club

    Chess Club

    Chess Club is an after school program open to K-5 students. It is sponsored by Kid Chess. Their coaches teach chess in a fun and educational environment. Children learn chess strategies and concepts through cartoons, demonstrations, and play! Regular chess, speed chess, and partner chess are just a few of the game variants played in club. Chess Makes You Smart, We Make It Fun! Registration and more information is available at www.kidchess.com.

  • Chorus


    This is a morning program offered to fifth graders. Mrs. Gebczyk leads the group who sings at a minimum 3 performances each year.

  • Coding


    Thrill seeking K – 2nd and 3rd- 5th grade students will discover how to code, program, and compete in challenges utilizing the exciting Sphero BB-9E, R2-D2, BB-8, Cue, and Dot and Dash robots in the Camp Creek Coding Academy! This club is led by Mr. Farley and Mr. Mazzatta.

  • Cub Clubs

    Cub Clubs

    Mrs. Garrett and Pam Petrillo run Cub Clubs. Cub Clubs is an after school program for students in Kindergarten though grade 5. Cub Clubs features exciting activities from Crafty Creations, to Beginners Sign Language, Lego Club, Strategy Games, Just Dance Club, Exercise, Book Cook, Settlers of Catan and Recycled Art. Cub Clubs provides many opportunities to learn a new skill or nurture a budding passion. Clubs meet after school on Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 for 8 weeks. We have a Cub Clubs Fall Semester and Spring Semester. 

  • Earth Patrol

    Earth Patrol

    More information can be found under Programs

    Annette Santana Jessica Zoeller Quonias Hudson

    We are in charge of raising funds for our school-wide recycling program and for talking about environmentally sound and friendly actions.

    No competition but we do receive an 'award" from Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful each year for our Environmental profile - we are the 2nd level from the top (can't remember what it is but I can look it up later) Reaching Higher School!

    We meet Tuesday mornings at 7:30 - 1x a month

    We meet weekly to recycle and monthly to discuss issues and work on actions - getting school to recycle properly, talk about different types of pollution and conservation issues and what we can do to help promote positive change.

  • Jr. Beta Club

    Jr. Beta Club 

    Jr. Beta is a scholastic achievement and community service club.

  • National Honor Society

    National Honor Society

    Advisors: Paige Davis and Lori Reeves

    NEHS recognizes students for their outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated personal responsibility. Through NEHS, students provide meaningful service to the school and community and develop essential leadership skills.

    Students are selected based on a grade point average, excellent behavior in conduct, and teacher recommendation.  Students must be able to attend monthly meetings and serve throughout the school year for school and community projects.

  • Oydessy of the Mind

    Oydessy of the Mind

    Odyssey of the Mind is a problem solving competition that focuses on creativity, artistic quality, engineering, and theater.  The solutions are presented in the form of an eight minute skit at a regional tournament with the opportunity to advance to state and then world finals. Mrs. Pearson is the coordinator but each team of 7 students is coached by a parent.  Contact Mrs. Pearson with details. 

  • Reader’s Rally

    Reader’s Rally

    Students express interest in September and meet weekly until January. Based on attendance, number of books read and practice questions written, and scoring during practice competitions, 10 students are selected in January to represent Camp Creek at the GCPS Readers Rally Tournament.

    Coaches: Samantha Johnson, Media Specialist, and Sandy Walker, Retired Camp Creek teacher

  • Robotics


    Jeremy Farley and Shawn Mazzatta Camp Creek Elementary School expanded upon the Robotics Academy program for the 2016-17 school year. The STEM program is now offered as a year-long (34 week) program meeting every week throughout the school year. This new scheduling format allowed us to enrich an additional 148 students through our robotics STEM program. Our Robotics Academy emphasizes meaningful problem-based learning, integration and application of knowledge, hands-on learning in cooperative groups, and demonstrable mastery of new learning through digital programing. It attracts students to content domains such as mechanics, electrical circuits, and applied mathematical reasoning. The academy engages students in complex, strategic problem-solving and higher-order thinking skillsets. The CCES academy curriculum is designed to address the “digital divide” in American education and to assist CCES in creating and nurturing effective decision-makers, leaders, and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

  • Safety Patrols

    Safety Patrol

    Cathy Koon works with Fifth Grade students. When involved, they must maintain the high standards of the program since this is an honored position. Service in the safety patrols is voluntary and open to all interested students. Duties will require a short amount of time each morning or afternoon. Members of the safety patrol are selected for their courtesy, dependability, interest in their job, and attitude towards others. Grades will also be used as one of the criteria.

  • Student Council

    Student Council

    We meet the second Thursday of every month. Our biggest activity is our Valentine Heart service project. We also collect for the local community food bank. We collect winter items for the Lilburn cooperative ministry. The purpose of student council is to give the students of Camp Creek a representative from their classroom. We focus on leadership and service to our school. Student Council members are often used when student support is needed at our different school functions.

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