BRIDGE Program Overview

  • The BRIDGE (Building Relationships in Discipline, Goals, and Education) program provides comprehensive educational and therapeutic support services to students who might otherwise require residential or other more restrictive placements due to the severity of one or more of the characteristics of the disability category of emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) and others. The BRIDGE serves students through educational services and supports, academic instruction, behavioral intervention, therapeutic support (provided by in-house school psychologists, school social workers, and behavior specialists), collaboration with student’s home school, and interagency and parental support.

    Our mission is to provide a safe, caring, therapeutic environment where students with educational, behavioral, and social challenges can best develop the skills and character necessary to rejoin their communities with success. We strive to provide individualized education that addresses students’ unique learning styles, cultivates independent thought, and promotes the building of character so students can learn to be citizens of a culturally diverse society.

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