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School Hours

  • Camp Creek School Hours

    8:00 AM Teachers Arrive

    8:20 AM Students Arrive/Report to Classrooms

    8:50 AM School Begins

    3:20 PM Bus Dismissal

    3:20 PM Car Rider Dismissal

    3:30 PM Day Care Dismissal


    • Students are not allowed to enter the building before 8:20 AM unless for a scheduled activity.
    • Students must enter the building at designated areas as outlined by the activity sponsor.
    • Parents must watch students enter the building safely. Do NOT leave until you see your child enter the building safely.
    • For your child’s safety, do not drop off students early and have them wait outside.
    • If you are dropping your child off late, they must be walked in the building and checked in by an adult. Please do not drop them off at the front of the school.
    • First Bell in the morning is 8:20 AM
    • Last bell in the morning is 8:50 AM  -The instructional day has begun. Parents are encouraged to have students enter the building prior to 8:45 AM in order to get to their classroom and not be counted tardy. When the bell rings, students that have entered at 8:45 AM will be escorted to the front for a tardy slip. It takes time for students to get out of the car and to their room. Allow for that extra time. If they get out of the car as the bell rings or they are in transit, they will be escorted to the office.

    Student Check-outs

    If a student must be checked out early from school, a parent or guardian (who is listed on the locator card) must present identification before the child will be allowed to check out. The parent should come to the office and sign the student out on the checkout form. The time of checkout must be recorded. No parent will be allowed to go to the student’s classroom to pick them up. For the safety of your child, we will allow no exceptions to these checkout rules! All student checkouts must occur before 2:30 PM.