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  • It’s more than meals… Complete meal application by Oct. 21 for added benefits.

    Please complete the Free and Reduced-price Meal Application. Confirmed eligibility establishes a number of benefits for individual students such as free or discounted college-admissions tests, AP exams, and college applications; scholarship opportunities; and no- and low-cost access to technology and internet plans. In addition, the percentages of qualifying students at a school are used as a measure to secure additional federal funding (Title I) to support students and their education, promote family engagement, and provide additional technology and internet access. Title I funds pay for additional teachers, Parent Centers, additional learning opportunities for students, extra resources, added technology, and more.

    2022-23 Free & Reduced online info

    •ONLINE APPLICATIONS (Private, Fast & Avail. 24/7):  http://gwinnett.schoollunchapp.com
    •APPLICATION STATUS CHECK:  http://gwinnett.schoollunchstatus.com

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