3rd Grade

All About Third Grade

  • Welcome to third grade! We are thrilled to celebrate this next adventure with you! Our students will learn to be successful in multiplying, solving real world word problems, using area and perimeter, and expressing our solutions using detailed sentences. Third grade is a time filled with wonder as we explore global maps and meet nine influential American heroes. We celebrate our heroes’ accomplishments and their positive character traits. The students transform into scientists as they investigate animal habitats, animal adaptations, rocks and minerals, fossils, and how heat works. Our third grade readers learn to excel in their reading fluency as they strengthen their reading comprehension. We will encounter new ways to predict and infer from our reading as we design powerful constructed responses. Third grade writers develop ways to inform, persuade, and entertain their readers. Our students become experts in creating purposeful responses to information that they have read. We can’t wait to meet you!