About the Black Knight Media Center


    The Black Knight Media Center's mission is to develop independent, lifelong readers, learners, and users of information and technology.

    Media Specialist: Juliann Terrell

    Media Clerk: Nancy Ward

    Hours: 8:20 AM- 3:00 PM

    Checkout/Book Policies

    Kindergarten Students are allowed to check-out 1 book.

    1st- 5th Grade are allowed to check-out 2 books.

    As per Gwinnett County Policy, if a student has lost a book the cost to replace it is $15 for hardback and $5 for paperback.


    Accelerated Reader

    Lawrenceville's Schoolwide Reading Program is Accelerated Reader.

    Accelerated Reader is a program in which students have reading goals and take test to gage comprehension and understanding. They earn points through taking tests on their reading levels. At the end of every semester students receive dog tags and other prizes when they meet their goals.