• Welcome Parents!


    Clinic Red Cross Symbol Everything you need to know about our school clinic is right here!

    A few things that you should know:

    • Our clinic can only provide basic care (minor boo boo’s). 
    • We are not medical professionals and cannot provide any health care beyond bandaids and ice. Anytime a student visits the clinic, a yellow copy describing the visit and what was done, will be sent home. 
    • If there are specific issues (red eyes, rash, fever, cough, etc ) seen in the clinic, we will attach an additional note for details.
    • The most important thing our clinic wants to provide is care for your child while at school, should a need arise.  Anything beyond basic care, we will contact you.  
    • It is VERY IMPORTANT we have a current DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER contact. If a student needs to be picked up from school, we will contact you or any emergency contact name and number we have on school file.  We are not allowed to send a sick student home on the bus or after school program. 

    We will always do our best to provide each student with care and attention when needed during the school day!

How do I know that my child is too sick to attend school?

    • Fever

      • Temperature of 100.4 or higher is considered a fever.
      • Take Medicine to lower fever.
      • Must be 'fever free' for 24 hours before returing to school.
      • Send in sick absence note to teacher upon returning to school.
    • Constant, frequent, or loud cough

    • Nausea or Vomiting

    • Persistent Pain in ears, stomach, head, etc.

    • Rash or infection: 

      • Any suspicious rash should be cared for at home.
      • If medication is needed, the parent must bring it to school
      • Anything contagious under treatment from a physician must have a note stating that they can return to school.
      • If a rash is open or oozing, it must be covered to prevent the risk of infection and the spreading to others.
    • If medicine is taken before school to stop fever or pain.


Important Clinic Information