• First grade is a fundamental year of development!  Students’ knowledge and independence are evolving at an amazing rate.  They are also ready to build on this knowledge and independence.  Students become stronger readers by enhancing their phonetic awareness.  They will also engage in rigorous and relevant fiction and nonfiction reading content, working on strategies to increase their understanding and comprehension of the text. 

    In writing, they are strengthening their knowledge and application of conventions and author crafts as well as writing personal narratives, informational and opinion pieces.

    In math,they will continue to build numerical fluency and number sense by exploring place value.  The will also learn strategies to add and subtract within 20, measure time and length, and recognize shapes and their attributes.  In science they will learn the basic needs of plants and animals, lights and sound, and weather patterns.  In social studies they will learn about nationally recognized historical figures, traits of citizenship, maps skills and some economic terms.