• Welcome to Third Grade! This is the year where students transition from learning to read, and move into reading to learn. This year we will be focusing on reading and understanding nonfiction texts, as well as determining the main idea and supporting it with details. Students will also learn to identify the author’s point of view, as well as their own. Students will learn how to effectively create a narrative, expository, and persuasive writing piece.

    In math, there will be lots of new strategies and concepts to support student learning through multiplication, division, area & perimeter, geometry, fractions, time, and measurement. In science students will take on the role as a paleontologist and learn about fossils, as well as rocks & minerals, heat, soil, and the habitats of Georgia. Lastly, social studies will be full of map skills, Native American regions, explorers, colonists, government, and economics.

    Third grade is a big step, but we as a grade level will ensure that our students become scholars, and knowledge will become their super power!