Grade Level Information

  • The big dogs are in the house. Fifth grade is the year of growth and change, it is the year that students are expected show and model independence in all academic areas. It is the year they take all sections of the GMAS.
    In reading, they are expected to not only comprehend fiction and non-fiction text, but also apply what they have learned. Students will learn how to read fluently, infer new vocabulary and develop their own thoughts about literature. There is more student centered learning, where the teacher is taking a step back and allowing students to take the lead. In Writing, students will develop and write across all content areas and produce personal narratives, informational projects, opinion pieces and poetry.
    In math, students are expected to think out side the box, model and explain how math works. Students will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, decimals, and multi-digit numbers, identify and model 2D shapes, volume capacity, and learn how to plot coordinating planes. In Science, students will learn and complete hands on activities that deal with classifications of animals and plants, cells and microorganisms, electricity and magnetism and physical and chemical changes. In Social Studies, students will be exposed to how America changed during the turn of the century, the U.S involvement in WWl and WWll, how America was affected by the Great Depression and the New Deal, the consequences of the Cold War, as well as how to locate important places in the United States. How American's fought for their rights has citizens and the amendment process. They will gain a deeper understanding of Economics and how they affects us today.