• Career & Technical Education

    Preparing high school students for the demands of the 21st century economy and post secondary education!

  • Career picture

  • All courses provide an environment where students can learn the relevance of combining technical skills with academic knowledge.

    Why are CTE courses good choices for students?

    CTE courses benefit all students, even the ones who are not college bound.  These classes allow students to try career related fields to see if they really are interested in them before they go to college and choose a major or enter the workforce.  Students in these courses may have higher graduation rates because they are interested in the content.  Courses also have co-curricular organizations to participate in.

    Why should a student complete a CTE pathway?

    Each student will gain deep content knowledge in a specific area and will have the opportunity to take an industry recognized credentialing test.  The content specific certification will give students an advantage over other applicants in the workforce. All students that complete a pathway are required to take the end of pathway exam to show mastery of the concepts in that pathway. 

    Mill Creek students that complete a pathway
    will earn an honor cord for graduation

  • Business and Computer Science

    All courses in Business and Computer Science are offered as elective credit. Mastery of business skills with project-based learning and leadership development activities through Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) will give students a competitive edge for the global marketplace.

  • Marketing

    Students who are interested in a career in marketing, entrepreneurship, public speaking, public relations and selling, should prepare by registering for Marketing courses. Students who are in Marketing classes may further develop their skills through participation in DECA, a student organization.

  • Family and Consumer Science

    Students who are interested in a career food nutrition and wellness, food science or just have an interest learning about healthy food options and prepartion should register for a course in the family consumer science pathway. 

  • Engineering

    Students who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering should prepare by registering for an Engineering course. 

  • Audio Video Technology

    Students who are interested in a career in the film or broadcasting industry should prepare by registering for a Audio Video Technology course. 

  • Work Based Learning

    Do you want to earn school credit at your job? This may be the right fit for you!

    Application required, see Mr. Kutter in M102

    Pre-requisite: Any CTE elective

  • Teaching as a Profession

    Are you planning to become a teacher? Study, apply, and practice teaching strategies in this course!

    Application required, see Mr. Kutter in M102