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Jones MS Dispensing of Medication Policy

  • Clinic personnel supervise the administration of medication, access healthcare needs and administer emergency first aid when appropriate. To ensure students safety, please follow medication administration guidelines and fill out appropriate Health Management Plan, so they can be taken care of properly and efficiently.

    The faculty and staff of Jones Middle are vitally interested in the health and welfare of all students.  In an efforts to dispense needed medications during school hours, it is important that parents/guardians provide medication in original containers with proper documentation.  No medications will be given to students unless provided by parents/guardians. No loose pills of any kind will be accepted in a baggie.  

    Medicines - Prescription and Non-Prescription - Need to be provided in an original container along with Medication Administration Form.  This form can be obtained from the clinic or the link provided.  All medications not retrieved by the parent at the end of the year will be disposed of by the clinic personnel.

    Students are never to have medication in their possession while attending school.  All medicines, (prescription and non-prescription) are to be kept in the clinic and administered there.  Students who are in possession of medication are subject to disciplinary action as outlined in Gwinnett County Public Schools Code of Conduct - Rule 7.

    Asthma Inhalers - According to State Bill 472, effective 7/1/02, students may possess and self-administer this medication while at school or at a school sponsored activity only after a parent/guardian has completed a STUDENT ASTHMA ACTION PLAN.  A physician will need to complete a portion of this form before the medication is brought to school.  This form can also be obtained from the school clinic or the link provided.

    Health Management forms are to be printed and filled out for your child.  

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alicia Peters

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