• Testing Department

  • The purposes of the Georgia Student Assessment Program are to measure student achievement of the state mandated curriculum, to identify students failing to achieve mastery of content, to provide teachers with diagnostic information, and to assist school systems in identifying strengths and weaknesses in order to establish priorities in planning educational programs.

     Testing Coordinator 
    Ms. Celeste Morton

    Testing Assistant 
    Mrs. Susan Hayes (F106)
    Phone: 678-714-5917

U.S. History Gateway Winter Makeup

  • This administration is for students who need to take the Winter makeup administration for the Gateway Writing Assessment in U.S. History. These students have not yet participated in the assessment or submitted a non-scorable response in March of 2022 and/or Fall of 2022. Students who need to take this assessment will receive a pass with additional information.

    What: US History Gateway Winter Makeup
    When: 01/19/2023, testing starts at 7:20am
    Where: B 100

    U.S. History Makeup Practice Test

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