Meeting Info

  • Meetings:

    • September 7 @ 8:15am - Meeting (presentation link)
    • September 24 after school - Football Tailgate Party
    • October 12 @ 8:15am - Meeting (presentation link)
    • October 29 4:30pm-6:00pm - Costume Party in the Cafeteria (Party Photo Album)
    • November 10 @ 8:15am - Meeting (presentation link)
    • November 15 - 19 - Collecting wish list items for Special Kneads and Treats
    • December 8 @ 8:15am - Meeting (MA/SCI CIA Room)
    • February 1 @ 8:15am - Meeting (MA/SCI CIA Room)
    • February 11 - after school Valentine's Dance in the cafeteria
    • March 10 @ 8:15am - Meeting (MA/SCI CIA Room)
    • March 18 - after school Game Night in the cafeteria
    • May 4 @ 8:15am - Meeting (MA/SCI CIA Room)
    • May 13 @ 6:00pm-8:00pm end of year event off campus


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  • Mission:

    The HERO Club's main objective is to improve socialization between individuals with and without disabilities.

    Description of Activities:

    In order to reach this goal, we teach interested students about individuals with disabilities and how to appropriately interact with their fellow peers. Members of the HERO Club will meet once a month to learn about different challenges and successes of individuals with disabilities and to also organize and plan the upcoming events. Several times throughout the year, HERO Club members will attend a social function or gathering with other members as well as students with disabilities.

    Student Requirements:

    Club members must have a signed permission slip and transportation must be provided. Club members must maintain passing grades, attend meetings, and behave accordingly both within the school and within the community. Join HERO Club here.


Contact Info

  • Advisors:

    Mr. Mike Sawyer
    Ms. Lindsay Brenner

    Email Mr. Sawyer
    Email Ms. Brenner

    Additional Staff:

    Joni Anthony
    Janice Britt
    Tiffany Adkins
    Leah Blurton
    Karen Padova