Meeting Info

  • Club Days/Times:

    Fall Intramurals begins on Tuesday, August 31 and runs through Thursday, September 30. We start at 8:15am.

    • 6th Grade meets on Tuesdays
    • 7th Grade meets on Wednesdays
    • 8th Grade meets on Thursdays




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  • Mission:

    To create an environment that focuses on sportsmanship, fun, and involvement while allowing students the opportunity to compete "within the walls" of Osborne Middle School.

    Planned Activities:

    The Intramural program at Osborne Middle School is one that will focus on fun and involvement for as many students as possible. Throughout the intramural seasons students may participate in a variety of activities including: Basketball, Volleyball, Capture the Flag, Team Handball, Ping Pong, Fitness Activities and much more.

    Student Requirements:

    Club members must have a signed permission slip and transportation must be provided. Club members must maintain passing grades, attend meetings, and behave accordingly both within the school and within the community.

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