Gwinnett Student Leadership Team (GSLT)

  • About Us


    The Gwinnett Student Leadership Team, Inc., (GSLT) is a two-year student leadership program that provides opportunities for high school juniors and seniors in Gwinnett County Public Schools to develop personal and organizational leadership skills and an awareness of community issues. The program is a cooperative effort sponsored by Gwinnett County Public Schools and the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce in partnership with other community agencies, institutions, and business leaders.


    The Mission

    The mission of GSLT is to develop student leaders who embrace the function of leadership throughout their local school by shaping culture and performance.


    The Vision

    As part of world-class schools, GSLT strives to…

    Develop and instill a leadership mindset in students.

    Develop a cadre of students who implement leadership skills within the local schools and communities through peer facilitation.

    Create a legacy of leadership that promotes student involvement and overall excellence.


    By participating in GSLT, students will be able to develop and enhance the function of leadership throughout the school. Possible leadership roles include but are not limited to the following:

    Serving on school and community councils/committees;

    • Presenting leadership development workshops to a wide variety of audiences;
    • Mentoring junior GSLT members as well as other students at the local schools;
    • Assisting in selecting new member; and
    • Teaching segments of the junior leadership development workshops.


    Requisite Skills for Candidates

    • Academic Achievement
    • Outstanding Communication Skills/Articulate Speaker
    • Demonstrated Leadership Skills
    • Effective Team Member Skills
    • Digital Citizenship
    • Credibility with a wide variety of audiences
    • Ability to Analyze Issues
    • Creative Thinking
    • Confidence
    • Academic and Emotional Maturity
    • Commitment to Personal Growth
    • Emerging Civic Sense
    • Flexibility
    • Open Mind
    • Ease with Adults
    • School and Community Involvement
    • Negotiation/Compromise Skills