Special Note

  • TALON members do not have to complete service hours this year (2020-2021) due to Covid-19.
    Please be sure to watch the modules and take the assessments to remain in good standing.


  • About Us

    TALON: Teaching Advanced Leadership and Opening Networks

    TALON is Mill Creek's Student Leadership Organization. The mission of TALON at Mill Creek is to develop future leaders, foster achievement through an emphasis on interactive opportunities, demonstrate the value of servant leadership, and create a lasting legacy of leaders to come.

    The 4 Pillars of Mill Creek Student Leadership:
    1. Professionalism
    2. Character
    3. Service
    4. Teamwork

    Throughout the year, Mill Creek will offer four TALON Modules on one or more of the four TALON pillars. The modules are interactive and always provide our students with an application project. We believe that knowledge of leadership is useless without practical application. This approach to leadership training fosters a productive and positive school climate.