• Welcome to The Learning Center!

  • Class Involved in TLC

    In the Math TLC rooms we will focus on re-teaching, followed by re-assessment. This is strictly an intervention, not a punishment. We want to help students master the AKS critical to their success in the current math class and future courses as well. Therefore, the students assigned to math TLC will enjoy 26 minutes of lunch in the commons with their friends and 26 minutes of math intervention in TLC.

    In the Science and Language Arts courses, teachers may assign students to TLC to complete assignments for which they receive an NTI (Not Turned In). Failing to turn in an assignment on time will result in a student spending his/her 52 minute lunch period in TLC completing the missing assignment and eating lunch silently. We will try to intervene as quickly as possible, therefore the student may be assigned to make up the NTI before it even appears in the grade book.

  • This year we implemented a new and improved lunchtime intervention program using the same name, TLC (The Learning Center), but with a more targeted approach. 

    As the video explains, teachers will assign students to TLC based on individual student needs, and once those needs are met, students will exit TLC. This could be 1 day or several days, depending on individual needs. Once a student has been assigned to TLC, he/she must attend. Upon completion of the assignment, the TLC teacher can exit the student at the end of the period.

    Once a teacher has assigned a student to TLC, the student will receive an email in his/her school google account the day prior to TLC. Our fabulous technology team has aired several videos instructing students on how to check email and how to add school email to their phones.  It is the student’s responsibility to check email every day. However, to help students remember to check email, we will also send an automated phone call to the parents on the day prior to the intervention.

    Failure to attend intervention will result in school consequences beginning with Friday detention. However, with your support we hope all students will understand the need for TLC. This targeted approach to intervention will give students additional opportunities to master content or complete assignments during the school day, both of which will result in higher student achievement. This intervention allows students to get the help they need at no cost to the parent and during the school day, freeing up valuable after school time for extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs, family, friends, etc.

    Thank you for your support!