• SENIORS / Class of 2022

  • Dear Class of 2022 and Family:

    The final year of high school for seniors is finally here! Stay tuned for more information for senior events as the year goes on.

    We look forward to a successful year for our Class of 2022!


    Ms. Alex Kesler & Mr. Ben Collins

  • Cap & Gown Orders

    Scholastic Images will be at DHS during all lunches once a month to take cash and check orders for senior dues. The cost of cap and gown is included in senior dues. Dues may also be paid online on www.scholasticimagesinc.com

    Senior dues are required to participate in all senior events, including the graduation ceremony.

  • Cap & Gown Photos

    Please see the following message from Cady Photography regarding the cap and gown pictures taken earlier this year or over the summer:

    It is Cap & Gown Portrait Season. These images visually represent your seniors’ hard work and achievement, and we are excited to share them with your graduates and families. All seniors will receive their image proofs in the mail and online ordering will begin on February 21st. 

     Please see cady.com/capandgown for more information

  • Graduation Parking Information

    Graduation Parking Map for STUDENTS

    Graduation Parking Map for PARENTS

    Graduation Parking for STUDENTS WITH ACCOMMODATIONS (This parking requires a permit. These passes must be obtained from Ms. Kesler.)

  • Graduation Tickets

    Students will get 14 tickets to the graduation ceremony. They will receive them at the graduation practice.

  • Graduation, Graduation Practice, and Graduation Attire

    Graduation will be at 2:00pm in the Infinite Energy Arena on Friday, May 27, 2022.

    Graduation Day Details

    • Arrival times will be forthcoming.
    • We do ask that all graduating students leave cell phones in his/her car.  Any cell phones collected in the arena will be available for pickup at the high school the following week. 
    • Please allow plenty of travel time to account for traffic.

    Graduation Day Attire

    • Remove the gown from its individual package as soon as received. Hang on a hanger; most of the wrinkles will fall out. TRY IT ON! 
    • We will not wear the white collars packaged with the gowns. 
    • The gown should reach mid-calf, approximately 10 inches from the floor. 
    • If you must press the gown, BE CAREFUL. Use a COOL iron; if you use a hot iron, the gown will disintegrate. 
    • We will position caps and tassels before the ceremony.  
    • Ladies: dresses without excessively full skirts or high, ruffled necklines OR dark slacks; BLACK shoes (practice walking if you choose to wear high heels!). We strongly recommend ballet flats as you will be standing in the tunnels of the Arena for over an hour.  Your family can have a different pair of shoes for you to change into after the ceremony. No one during the ceremony will know your shoes do not match your dress. The key for the ceremony is uniformity.  
    • Men: Black slacks with black shoes and socks, dress shirt and tie 
    • No graduate may wear denim, shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, casual sandals, or tennis shoes. 
      Students who are not appropriately dressed will not march. 

    Graduation Practice

    Attendance at graduation practice is mandatory for students to participate in the graduation ceremony!!!!! Students who do not practice will not march and will not receive guest tickets!  Tickets will be given out at the end of practice once all fees have been cleared.  Practice is here at DHS on May 26. 

  • Joint Enrollment Students

    Joint enrollment students will be notified of upcoming events via email. Please be certain the senior advisors have a working email address for you all year. Also, check the school website for updated information.


  • Senior Breakfast & Dinner

    Senior Dinner

    Senior dinner is Wednesday, May 4 at 6:30 PM in the DHS commons area. Students will receive information on how to RSVP after spring break. This will be a catered dinner for DHS seniors only and they MUST RSVP in order to attend.; in previous years, over 50 students RSVP’d but did not attend, costing us money and resulting in extreme food waste. Attire is dressy (Sunday best); no denim, shorts, or flip-flops allowed. Girls may wear sun dresses that do not usually adhere to the dress code, Boys MUST wear collared shirts with ties and a belt at the waist.  Jackets are wonderful, but optional.  Students that do not meet the dress code will be sent home to change.

    We would like to invite parents to join us at the end of the dinner for a cake dessert beginning at 7:45 PM.  Please do not arrive before 7:30 as the seniors are still enjoying their dinner. 

    Senior Breakfast

    Senior Breakfast is always a rousing good time.  It will be held in our commons area at 6:30 AM on May 12. It is at the senior breakfast that students receive the letters sent in by family and friends.  Please see the senior letter section on the website for more information.

  • Senior Dues

    Senior dues are $120 and go up March 1. Dues may be paid online at www.scholasticimages.com

    On May 1, senior dues may no longer be paid on-line and must be paid in cash in person at Balfour’s office in Suwannee. Seniors who have not paid dues by the Friday before exams will not participate in the graduation ceremony.

    Senior dues cover the senior dinner, activities during senior week, cap and gown, and rental fees associated with graduation. Senior dues DO NOT cover prom.

  • Senior Information Contact Info

    • Questions on senior activities—Alex.Kesler@gcpsk12.org
    • Senior portraits, yearbooks, and yearbook senior ads – jaime.poole@gcpsk12.org
    • Update email or mailing address—please call the school to get additional information
    • TELEPHONE—Dacula High School 770-963-6664

  • Senior Trips

    Senior Trips are NOT sponsored, chaperoned, or endorsed by Dacula High School or its employees. Any information your student brings home about a senior trip did not come from the senior class advisors or the high school.

  • Senior Week

    Locker decorations: Students will bring home a template that you may decorate and place on their lockers the Wednesday before Senior Week. 

    Specific information concerning decorations will be sent home with students after Spring Break. 

  • Senior Letters Project

    Dear Senior Parent/Guardian:

    Currently, the Senior Class Officers are working on a project to celebrate the achievements of this year’s graduating seniors called Senior Letters Project.  We would like to invite you to write a letter to your senior and any other seniors who are special to you or your family.  This project gives you the perfect opportunity to say what is in your heart during this busy, hectic time.  We also encourage you to invite any other family members, neighbors, or friends of the family to write your senior a letter.  Letters can be as simple as a greeting card of congratulations.  Our goal is for every senior to receive letters congratulating them as well as wishing them luck for the future at the senior breakfast.

    We would like our seniors to be extremely surprised when they open a letter from you, from the neighbor who has watched them grow up, from the grandparent who lives in another state, etc.  We urge you to keep your participation somewhat under wraps. 

    Please carefully follow the submission process below.

    • The deadline for all letters to be received is April 25, 2022. We cannot file letters after we have sorted them.
    • All letters need to be mailed to the following address: 

    Dacula High School

    123 Broad Street

    Dacula, GA 30019


    • WRITE THE SENIOR’S NAME in the lower-left corner of the envelopeThey are undeliverable if this isn’t done. 

    We want all letters to be confidential, and this will prevent us from having to open letters in order to determine the recipient.  Please observe the deadline; the sorting process for thousands of letters is time-consuming, and we want every student to receive the letters written to him or her. 

    Thank you,

    Alex Kesler, Ben Collins, and the 2022 Senior Class Officers

    Questions?  Please email Alex.Kesler@gcpsk12.org