• November 5, 2020 Science Gateway Information

    Dacula High School will administer the Gateway Science assessment on campus Thursday, November 5th, 2020. With safe social distancing protocols, all DHS teachers and designated test-takers will report face-to-face.  Successful completion of the Gateway exam is a graduation requirement for Gwinnett County Public Schools.

    • Those who are participating in the Gateway Science assessment have been notified via email of their participation requirement and will need to be present at school and report to their testing locations by 7:00 AM. Test takers and their parents received an email detailing their testing location and important testing information.  The majority of test-takers will complete the assessment by approximately 10:45 AM, and students who are testing can choose to attend classes in person for the remainder of the school day or leave campus after testing by having a parent complete this form.
    • All students who are not testing will have asynchronous lessons/assignments posted for each of their classes.  In-person students will have the option to attend school and receive support from teachers in the cafeteria or to attend classes digitally from home and participate in the asynchronous lessons at any time throughout the day. Students who choose to work from home will be counted present at school on Thursday, November 5th by logging into each of their classes and completing their assignments.