• Mill Creek Counseling 

    There are eight professional counselors at Mill Creek High School who assist students through academic advisement, classroom guidance, counseling, consulting, and coordinating special programs. The counselors provide numerous opportunities for students to satisfy graduation requirements, explore their interests, plan for the future, and cope effectively with life's challenges. 

    Students and parents are encouraged to schedule appointments to see their counselor in the Counseling Office through Kristi Gambill, the Counseling Secretary. Counselors may also be reached by email at first name_last name @ gwinnett.k12.ga.us. In order to provide students with individual attention and the opportunity to get to know their counselor, student counselor assignments are done across grade levels based upon the student's last name and special programs. For a complete listing of counselors, please visit the Counselor Contact Page. 

    The "PAD" (Planning and Development) Career Center 

    This student resource is located in the counseling office and students may visit before and after school, or during the day by appointment. Our College and Career Specialist assists with scholarship searching, registering for SAT/ACT, college applications and preparation as well as college/career exploration and planning.  Assistance with college or scholarship application completion is also provided.   

    Student Transcripts 

    Transcripts are requested in the Counseling offices from Mill Creeks Records Clerk, Susie Thiman. There is a $5 charge. Transcripts will be available for pickup no later than 48 hours after they have been requested.

    Transcript Request Procedures