Fast Facts

  • Address: 1725 Auburn Road
    Dacula, GA 30019

    The following have served as principals of Fort Daniel Elementary School:
    1994-97 Ann Adams
    1997-2002 Betty Dominy
    2002-2008 Carolyn Madsen
    2009- 2018 Paul Willis

    2019: Dr. Barbara Tucker
    School Colors: Cardinal Red, Vegas Gold and Navy
    School Mascot: Mountain Lion
    School Motto: Learners and Leaders Every Day

    Fort Daniel Elementary School opened in August 1994 with 940 students. The school is located in the Hog Mountain community in northeastern Gwinnett County. Fort Daniel is situated on 21.17 acres of land in an area of new residential and commercial growth. The school was named for a military fort that stood nearby in the early 1800s as a protection for white settlers against Indians along the frontier. The original fort was named for General Alan Daniel.

    The school's first principal was Ann Adams. Ms. Adams hired the initial staff and led the school through its first three years. Betty Dominy, the school's assistant principal, became principal in 1997 and led the school through a growth period. In 1998, nine classrooms were added. And, by 1999, the school served 1,580 students, housing them in the building and in 28 portable classrooms. The community was rezoned in 1999 when a new elementary school, Freeman's Mill, opened nearby. The enrollment during the 1999-2000 school year was 1,053. By 2002-03 the enrollment had grown to 1,618, and the school had 29 portable classrooms. Carolyn Madsen became the principal that year. Rezoning of the Fort Daniel Elementary student population occurred again in 2003 when two new elementary schools, Ivy Creek and Duncan Creek, were built in the area. As a result, Fort Daniel began the 2003-04 year with 962 students and no portable units. As Gwinnett County has continued to grow, so has this school community. In 2005-06, Fort Daniel's average enrollment was 1,207 and the school had 16 portable classrooms.

    Upon Mrs. Madsen's retirement in December 2008, Mr. Paul Willis became the fourth principal of Fort Daniel. As the 2008-09 school year came to a close, many of Fort Daniel's students were rezoned to attend Freeman's Mill Elementary School. Fort Daniel Elementary School now serves approximately 650 students per year.

    Mr. Willis led Fort Daniel until December 2018 when he left to lead Cooper Elementary and Dr. Barbara Tucker was named the new principal for Fort Daniel Elementary School.