• Cafeteria

  • Lunch Schedule

    Kindergarten: 12:00-12:35

    First Grade: 12:15-12:50

    Second Grade: 11:20-11:55

    Third Grade: 11:00-11:35

    Fourth Grade: 11:40-12:15

    Fifth Grade: 12:25-1:00

    *Please note these are grade level times.  Contact your child's teacher for their specific time within this block.*

Cafe Gwinnett
  • Mrs. Nichole Barlow

    Mrs. Nichole Barlow

    Greetings! My name is Nichole Barlow and I’ve been here at Harmony since 2014 and I’ve been in the School Nutrition Program since 2011. I enjoy spending time with family and being creative, whether it’s throwing some pottery or taking photographs. I have a zest for dancing & singing, though it’s not skilled or pretty, and I have a very strong passion for children. I love to interact and laugh with children as well as provide them with a healthy, nutritious meal.