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  • I’m not sure about you but I feel I blinked and it’s almost February.   Wait, what?! What happened? How can it be 2021? How can so, so many things have changed, so many lives disrupted, and I am left here feeling like the months just flew by? 

    Maybe you feel the same way too. I do hope you realize that maybe, just maybe, you are more resilient than you thought you were. Perhaps you feel a strength you didn’t know you had. Maybe every once in a while, you say to yourself, “I got this” and you put your chin up and you walk a little taller. My wish for you is that this is true.  

    I sit here and I question so much. Not only wondering how we made it to 2021, but wondering who these little resilient people are that I get to see every day. They wear their masks and don’t question us. They have to play differently on the playground and they don’t blink an eye. They can’t high five, hug, help carry things for each other, and they do it all as if they have done it their whole lives. Our digital friends smile at me and always seem happy when I see them. They’ve navigated this new aspect of life and make it seem as if it’s all they’ve ever known. Look at the curveballs we’ve handed them. Kids are resilient and I am in awe.  Our world has been thrown for a loop and look at the grace of how they handle it. For that I say thank you. Thank you for raising a community of little humans who know how to bounce back and just keep pushing forward.  

    May 2021 be a better a year for us all. Please know I am here to talk with you or your child if ever a situation comes up where you need someone else in the boat with you. 

    Kellie M. Hinesley (678) 765-4968 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Use the links below to check in with me during our Virtual School.


    Virtual School Counseling

    Counselor Check-in Form

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  • From Ms. Hinesley

    During our Digital Learning Days, I am still available to help our students and families.  If you feel the need to talk or just want to contact me, please email me at kellie.hinesley@gcpsk12.org.  Know that I am checking my emails throughout the day, and will get back with you as soon as possible.


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  • Who is My School Counselor?

    Ms. Kellie Hinesley

    • Grew up in Gwinnett County and attended Gwinnett County Schools.
    • Has her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in Family and Consumer Sciences.
    • Taught Home Economics (Parenting, Foods & Nutrition, and Marriage & Family Classes) in Los Angeles for nine years.
    • Earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling from California State in Los Angeles.
    • Completed her Specialist Degree from the University of Georgia and has over 25 years in education.
    • Especially enjoys helping families with parenting issues.

    Please call or e-mail if you have any questions for concerns.



  • How Will My Counselor Work With Me?

    School Counselor

    The counselor may work with me …

    • in my classroom.
    • in a small group.
    • or by myself.

  • Why Does My School Have a Counselor?

    Puzzle pieces with counseling terms.

    The counselor is here to help students solve problems and feel good so that they can succeed in school.  Counselors teach students …

    • how to deal with feelings.
    • how to get along with friends.
    • how to solve problems.
    • how to be good students.
    • how to be safe.
    • about jobs and careers.

  • When May I See My School Counselor?

    Lego bricks with helpful words.

    You may see your school counselor:

    • When your class has a guidance lesson.
    • When I am in a small group with the counselor.
    • When my teacher or parent asks us to meet together.
    • When I write my counselor a note.
    • When the counselor smiles and says “hello” in the hallway or lunchroom.

  • What Will My Counselor Do?

    Picture of helping hands

    My school counselor will listen to me when …

    • I feel sad, afraid, or angry.
    • I have trouble with my school work.
    • I have a problem in my family.

    The counselor also works with teachers, principals, parents, and people in the community so that I can do my best in school.

  • Community Resources

    Globe with children holding hands and the words school counselors make a world of difference

    Gwinnett Helpline
    Need Help? Looking for information or resources in Gwinnett County? You can call the Gwinnett Helpline at 770-995-3339 for information & referrals for family challenges, emergency shelter, health services, childcare, counseling, food, legal services and so much more.

    Food Finder GA
    This link will connect you with free food resources closest to your home, school, or current location. http://foodfinderga.org/

    United Way 2-1-1
    Just dial 2-1-1. It's confidential, free, and available 24-7. Speak with a trained referral specialist who can help you locate programs or services such as: job training, food, domestic violence shelters, family/marital counseling, substance abuse counseling, elderly/child care, volunteer opportunities.


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