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  • Fort Daniel Elementary School’s goal is to prevent absenteeism to ensure a successful academic year. For the safety and well-being of all children at Fort Daniel, we strive to prevent the spread of infection among our student body. Parents will be called if students are too sick to remain in school. Parents will also be called if a student has been seriously injured.

    To help you determine if your child should be absent from school, here are updated GCPS guidelines.


    Medication information is as follows:

    1. Whenever possible, all medications should be given at home, before or after school. Medications given at school must be administered in the clinic.
    2. Medications, including all over-the-counter medications and cough drops, must be provided by the parent and be in the original container and require a note or an “Administration of Medication” form signed by the parent.
    3. All medications must be brought to the clinic by the parent; student transportation of medication is not allowed.
    4. Any medications brought to the clinic and not retrieved by parents by the last day of school will be disposed of in accordance with State Pharmacy Regulations.

    For any other questions or concerns, please call the clinic at 678-765-4967. Thank you!

Mrs. Lisa Holbrooks

GCPS Medical Forms