• Reading Rewards

  • Fort Daniel implemented Reading Rewards to motivate reading and create life-long lovers of reading. Students read self-selected books and leveled books at home and log the titles and minutes on Reading Rewards in a fun and interactive way. Students earn "reading miles" for each minute they read, and may redeem reading miles for rewards such as eating lunch in the media center with an administrator, crafting a seasonal art project, pencils, food treats, extra book check out and many others.

    Students will also earn special badges and set goals to level up. Students may earn a Fort Daniel reading hat by earning 3,000 reading minutes for students in grades 2-5, and 2,000 reading minutes for grades K-1. We present the hats to the students during morning announcements, take a picture with the family and post these on our Reading Wall of Fame. Earning a Fort Daniel Reading hat is a very special and memorable event!

    For general information about this web-based program, please visit reading-rewards.com. Please email beth_martinez@gwinnett.k12.ga.us for questions about logging in, redeeming rewards or specific questions about this reading motivational program.

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