• Clubs at the Fort


    Update: There will be no clubs until further notice for the 2020-2021 school year due to Covid-19.

    We are pleased to provide extra-curricula activities for many of our students through clubs.  Each school club has a faculty/staff sponsor that is responsible for communicating information with students and parents.  Clubs are often, but not always, held before or after school hours.

  • Art Club

    Art Club, Mark Mitchell, Sponsor

    Mark Mitchell

    Fourth and Fifth Grade Students

    The purpose of the Art Club is to provide students with extra opportunities to experience and explore a variety of artists, artworks, and art media, while also learning about the art elements and principles of design.

  • Chorus

    Stick figures singing

     Chorus, Meaghan Curry, Sponsor

    Meaghan Curry

    Chorus opportunities will be announced in September. Please contact Ms. Curry with any questions in the meantime

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Circle with Fellowship of Christian Athletes text

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Kevin Glausier, Sponsor

    Kevin Glausier

    First-Third Grade

    The FCA Club is a Christian-based club for 1st – 3rd Grade students. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes core beliefs are:

    • Vision – To see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches & athletes.
    • Mission – To lead every coach & athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ & His church
    • Values – Our relationship will demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ & His word through integrity, serving, teamwork & excellence.

    The meeting dates are listed below. Students should be dropped off at the front of the school no earlier than 7:15 & no later than 7:30.

  • Fort Daniel STEM Scouts

    Fort Daniel STEM Scouts

    Jacki Nash and Dr. Barbara Tucker, Sponsors

    Jacki Nash

    Dr. Barbara Tucker

    Second Grade Students

    The purpose of the Fort Daniel STEM Scouts Club is for students to explore the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The club is open to ALL BOYS and GIRLS in 2nd grade. There is a $10 participation fee.

    for the brochure:

    Fort Daniel STEM Scouts

    *open to 2nd grade boys and girls


    Location: PTA Community Room (beside the Art Room)

    Cost: $10 per child to cover the cost of club materials and a club t-shirt.

    Fifteen (15) students will be selected from the applications returned by the due date.  

  • Gardening Club

    spade and plant

    Gardening Club, Mrs. Durbin and Mrs. Peat, Sponsors

    Claire Durbin

    Mary Beth Peat

    Kindergarten and First Grade

    Students will help maintain the butterfly garden and school grounds by weeding and watering. They will also have opportunities to plant flowers during the school year.

  • Good News Club

    Good News Club Logo

    Good News Club, Ivy Creek Baptist Church Sponsors

    Good News Club Information and Registration

  • Lego League Robotics

    Lego Robot

    Lego League Robotics

    Beth Martinez and Kathy Williams, Sponsors

    Beth Martinez

    Kathy Williams

    Fourth and Fifth Grade Students

    The purpose of the Lego League/Robotics Club is for students to learn how to design, program and control fully functional robotic models. Team members will use software to plan, test and modify sequences of instructions for a variety of life-like robotic behaviors. Team members will participate in First Lego League competitions during the year. There is a $75 participation fee.

  • PE Club

    Soccerball, Football, shoes, baseball mitt and ball

    PE Club, Kevin Glausier, Sponsor

    Kevin Glausier

    Fourth and Fifth Grade Students

    Calling all fourth and fifth graders! Do you like to be active? If so, the PE Club just might be the club for you.  The PE Club will meet on Monday mornings 7:30-8:00. Students should be dropped off at the front of the school no earlier than 7:15 & no later than 7:30. PE Club is the chance for students to get together before school and play in a more competitive format.  We will play games such as floor hockey, kickball, indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball and more. Come join Coach G in this SUPER COOL club!!

    1st Semester Dates

    2nd Semester

  • Peer Helpers

    Two hands with text saying Helping Hands.

    Peer Helpers, Kellie Hinesley, Sponsor

    Kellie Hinesley

    This program is designed for 5th grade students to assist younger students in certain areas, academically and/or socially. They assist younger students with reading or math, while also serving as Fort Daniel role models. The program provides 5th students the opportunities to develop leadership skills and allows younger students to make a connection with older peers throughout the building.

  • Reader's Rally

    Books and Readers Rally Text

    Reader's Rally, Beth Martinez, Sponsor

    Beth Martinez

    Fifth Grade Students

    This is a club for fifth grade students that love to read and are competitive!  We read from a list of 15 books given to us by GCPS Readers Rally committee, then in January we compete to decide upon the ten students that will represent Fort Daniel at the county competition.  Readers Rally is a quiz bowl type of competition where questions will be asked from each of the 15 books. Applications will be given out to fifth graders the first week of school and are due by the end of the second week.  The club meets during the 5th grade lunch and recess time, so students must be willing to give up one of their recess times.  We meet weekly from August through February, with two after school practice sessions for the students going to the county competition.  

  • Running Club

    Cartoon girl running

    Running Club, Andrea Holland, Sponsor

    Andrea Holland

    Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Students

    The purpose of the Running Club is to provide students in grades 2-5 with opportunities to experience and explore a love of running and physical activity. Running Club registration is in February. Club runs mid-March through mid- May. Runners will participate in the Peachtree Jr. Road Race or another similar event. There is a small registration fee to cover the cost of T-shirts.
    Sign up for the Running Club is through MyPaymentsPlus in early February.

  • Safety Patrol

    Drawing of a boy and a girl with School Safety Patrol text

    Safety Patrol, Arlana Gregg and Kellie Hinesley, Sponsors

    Arlana Gregg

    Kellie Hinesley

    Fifth Grade Students

    Club meets once a month at lunch.

    The Fort Daniel Elementary School Safety Patrol Team has been established to recognize those students who possess and demonstrate positive leadership skills, personal responsibility, dedication to their school work and a commitment to serve others at the school. The goal of the safety patrol is to allow its members to explore and develop such important leadership skills as responsibility, dependability, assertiveness and cooperation. The safety patrol assists the school's teachers and administrators in morning arrival and afternoon departure of students. There is a $10 participation fee.

  • Student Council

    Shield with the text School Council

    Student Council, Kellie Hinesley, Sponsor

    Kellie Hinesley

    Student representatives are elected by each fourth and fifth grade class to participate in the Student Council. The Student Council assists and promotes school-wide activities. Student council members are able to be the voice for their peers and collaborate on projects for the betterment of the school. Participation in Student Council promotes the development of skills in communication, teamwork, and leadership.

  • Technology Club

    Student at computer

    Technology Club

    Beth Martinez and Kathy Williams, Sponsors

    Beth Martinez

    Kathy Williams

    Fourth and Fifth Grade Students

    The purpose of the Technology Club is to provide students with opportunities to explore different productivity and creativity programs more in depth than is possible during the school day.

  • Third Grade Robotics


    Third Grade Robotics Club

    Beth Martinez and Kathy Williams, Sponsors

    Beth Martinez

    Kathy Williams

    The purpose of this club is to introduce students to Lego Mindstorms Education EV3 programming.  Students will work with fully functioning robots to learn to program the robots to complete given commands and missions.

Art Club students working on homemade books.
  • Team with trophies