To sign-up: KREP Sign-up for Kindergarten

    KREP (Kindergarten Readiness Entry Profile) assessments will take place in July. The KREP testing days are July 13-14 and July 20-22, 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. 

    Each assessment appointment lasts approximately 30 minutes. These assessments will be conducted on-site at our school. Students will need to wear a mask.  

    Ram of Month

    PTA Nominating Committee Members: 

    Chris Brown (Chair)
    Jana Collier
    Meredith Chastain
    The nominating committee will host a general board meeting via zoom on Friday, May 28th to vote on the following slate of nominees. Time will be announced with a meeting link included next week. 
    Executive Board Slate for the 2021-22 SY 
    President - Shari Cushion
    Vice President - Danyelle Lynch 
    Vice President - Neha Kothari
    Treasurer - Beth Gillis 
    Secretary - Brandee Appling 



    Portable Wifi

    Georgia Special Needs Scholarship/SB10         

    Letters to the parents explaining the program, as well as the transfer request forms, are posted on the Gwinnett County Public Schools Special Education website for parents to view and download: Georgia Special Needs Scholarship/SB10       

    Notice to our GES parents of Special Needs Students:

    Information regarding Georgia Special Needs Scholarship/SB10 is posted on the Gwinnett County Public Schools Special Education website for parents the view and download. This information can be located at: https://www.gcpsk12.org/Page/23585


     The Georgia Department of Education survey for parents of students receiving special education services is available online. It can be accessed on the Georgia Department of Education website: www.gadoe.org/parent-surveySurvey responses must be submitted by May 31.

    If you do not have access to a computer or smartphone, you may contact the Georgia Department of Education, Special Education Help Desk at 404-657-9968 to complete the survey by telephone.

     Middle School Career Academy  

    Learn More


    Visit the GAA website www.gaasports.org for youth sports information.



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