• Promotion Requirements and Grading Scale

  •     Grading Scale

      A          90%-100%
    B          80%-89%
    C          74%-79%
    D          70%-73%
    F            0%-69%


    NOTE: In order to earn a regular Gwinnett County high school  diploma, students must pass Gwinnett's High School Gateway Writing Assessment and achieve the required areas of study detailed on this page. 

  • 9th Grade Promotion Requirements

    For promotion to 10th grade, freshmen are required to have a minimum of 5 credits.

    • 9th grade Language Arts
    • Algebra I / Accel Algebra I 
    • Biology / AP Biology
    • World Geography / AP Human Geography
    • Personal Fitness (.5 credit) 
    • Health (.5 credit)
    • 2 Additional Electives 

  • 10th Grade Promotion Requirements

    For promotion to 11th grade, sophomores are required to have a minimum of  11 credits.

    • 10th Grade Language Arts
    • Geometry / Accel Geometry
    • Chemistry 
    • World History / AP World History 
    • 3 Electives 

  • 11th Grade Promotion Requirements

    For promotion to 12th grade, juniors are required to have a minimum of 17 credits.

    • 11th grade Language Arts
    • Algebra II / Accel Precal / AP Calculus AB
    • Physics / AP Physics I
    • US History / AP US History 
    • 3 Electives 

  • 12th Grade Graduation Requirements

    To become a graduate of Berkmar High School, seniors are required to have a minimum of 23 credits from the require academic areas.

    • 12th British Literature / AP British Literature 
    • 4th Math - Precalculus, Accel Precalculus, AP Calculus AB or BC, AP Statistics, Adv. Calculus II 
    • 4th Science - Oceanography, Astronomy, Forensic Science, Robotics, AP Computer Science, AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, AP Chemistry
    • Economics (.5 credits)
    • Political Systems (.5 credits)
    • 3 Electives 

  • Gateway

    In order to earn a regular Gwinnett County high school diploma, students must:

    Pass Gwinnett's High School Gateway Writing Assessment

    Please use this link for additional information in regards to the Gateway Assessment - Click Here

  • Learning Quote

  • State-Required Areas of Study

    To graduate, Georgia students must earn a minimum of 23 credits
    (also called units)
    in the following areas of study:


    Required Area of Study



    Language Arts

    1.0 must be 9th Grade Language Arts                  
    1.0 must be 11th Grade Lang. Arts-American Lit.




    Including Integrated Algebra I, Integrated Geometry, 
    Integrated Algebra II, & Additional Math




    Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and a Science Elective
    (3 required and 1 elective)



    Social Studies

    World History, U.S. History, Econ/Pol. Systems



    Required Electives

    Any Combination of Fine Arts, Technical Electives
    or Modern/Classical Language

    2 units of Modern/Classical Language are required
    for university admission in the state of Georgia



    Health and Physical Education

    or 3.0 Units of JROTC