Title I (2022-23)


    Title I is a federally funded program, which provides funds to schools and districts, based upon the percentage of students qualifying to receive free or reduced price (school) meals. ITC's school wide Title I program offers services and programs that help improve the education of all students. 

     Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Plan
    The GCPS Title I Family and Community Engagement Plan is Gwinnett County’s plan for involving parents in the academic lives of their children.  It establishes the district’s expectations for family engagement and guides the strategies and resources that strengthen school and parent partnerships.

    English FACE Movie      Spanish FACE Movie


    Right to Know
    Parents have the right to request information about the degree and qualifications of their child's teacher(s) and paraprofessional(s), if applicable.

    Please refer to the GCPS Student-Parent Handbook or contact your school's principal for more information. 

    Los padres tienen derecho a solicitar información sobre el título y las calificaciones del maestro(s) y paraprofessional(es) de su hijo, si corresponde.
    Consulte el Manual para Padres y Estudiantes de GCPS o comuníquese con el Director de su escuela para obtener más información.


    The Plan...The Promise / El Plan...El Compromiso

    GCPS Online Free and Reduced Application

    Helpful Resources for Families
    (Food ~ Medical ~ Vision ~ Clothing)

    Clinic  Locations for  Vaccines / Lugares donde obtener  vacunas



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