• Bring Your Own Device

    Gwinnett County Public Schools is a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) district. This program is designed to support teaching and learning through safe, efficient, and monitored wireless access. If your child’s school or class is participating in BYOD, then students are allowed to bring mobile devices with the expectation they will be used as a supplemental instructional resource. The BYOD access may be limited to certain schools, areas, and zones, based on the school’s identification of instructional need.

    To participate in the use of BYOD resources, all users must agree to use the school network when available, and not personal 3G, 4G, or other cellular service providers, on their devices. Using the school network ensures a filtered, appropriate solution that is optimized for BYOD use. GCPS is not responsible for any damages, fees, lost functionality, support, or costs that may be the result of students or staff members participating in BYOD. This is a voluntary program, and students will not be penalized if they cannot participate. Whether the device is owned by a parent, student, staff member, or school, the user of the device is responsible for protecting the device at school, on the bus, or at school functions.