• Are you interested in joining the 2021-22 Steel Talons? 

    9th & 10th graders!  Come see us at the club fair during homeroom, Friday August 6th - look for the table sized robot!   


    Our first informational meeting will be Wednesday, August 18, right after school in B202.  Look forward to seeing you there!


    This year the lead teacher mentors for the Steel Talons are:

    Matthew Bennett - matthew.bennett@gcpsk12.org

    Matthew Haddad - matthew.haddad@gcpsk12.org

    Our 2020-21 Remind Code is @2021steel - please only join if you are a student, mentor or parent for the team.   Anyone joining not in good faith will be reported to administration.  We will utilize a Google Classroom to post Zoom Link codes for anything virtual.  The classroom id will be shared with you once you have filled out the application.

    Thank you!



FIRST Robotics

  • About Us

    What is FIRST Robotics? FIRST Robotics is a competitive team sport for your mind. FIRST Robotics is a Organization in which high school students build a programmed robot, and compete in a theme with and against other robots. Teams must also market themselves and find their own sponsors. We compete in the FRC Robotics Competition. http://www.firstinspires.org

    Our first meeting will be held in late August - check back soon for more information, or stop by and talk to Mrs. Dyar in B202 (EPIC Engineering room).

    What's new this year? We hope this year will return to a normal competitive year.  Anyone interested in Robotics can join and students can earn points towards making the competition team.

    Team Nickname: Steel Talons
    Who are the Steel Talons you may be asking? The Steel Talons is the team name chosen by the Mill Creek FIRST Robotics team after the first two years, to represent the strength of spirit of our team in addition to our school spirit for our Hawks. Our team is composed of all different talents because we believe everybody brings something to the table. We have different teams for programming, mechanical, safety, electrical, and marketing. Each team works within their specialization but then we come together to be greater as a whole.

    We are very grateful to our Platinum level sponsors: GCPS and Infinite Energy.

    Are you interested in mentoring or sponsoring FIRST Robotics? Contact Matthew Bennett or Matthew Haddad.

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    Twitter: @MCFIRSTHawks
    Instagram: @mchs_frc6910


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  • Upcoming Meetings:

    Informational Meeting, August 18 after school - B202

    Check back soon!  

    First Information Meeting will be in mid-August!


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