Student Council

  • We, the dedicated leaders of tomorrow's today, challenge ourselves to always strive for excellence in order to form a more united student body in the following ways:To promote unity while respecting individuality and diversity

    • To encourage and create student enthusiasm in school activities
    • To be a contributing voice in our school
    • To be a visible and approachable outlet for the students
    • To unite the student body for a common purpose of equality, fairness, and respect
    • To encourage total involvement, with participation in artistic, academic, and athletic activities
    • To build school spirit and pride in our community
    • To foster communication between the students, staff, and administration
    • To exemplify our beliefs and live our mission statement in every student interactions.

    By accomplishing all of the above, we will enhance our success and establish a foundation of pride, responsibility, and respect at Berkmar High School.

     Meeting Location: Screening Room A

    Student Council Advisor: Dr. N Vaughn

    Class Advisors

    Senior Advisor: Ms. K Williams

    Junior Advisor: Ms. L Sims 

    Sophomore Advisor: Ms. R Williams

    Freshmen Advisor: Mr. K Casebolt

    School Sponsored Non-Curricular Club

    Student Council Officers Roles and Responsibilities

    Community Service Log

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Application Process

  • Freshman Application

    Member Application Form

    Faculty Recommendation Form

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2023-24 Meeting Dates

  • October 13
    November 10
    December 8
    January 12
    February 9
    March 8
    April 12
    May 3