• School Supplies

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  • Personal Headphones for 2020-2021:

    Stripling Elementary requests that each student have 1 set of headphones, in a gallon-size plastic bag, labeled in permanent marker with your child’s name, grade, and homeroom teacher’s name. It is an excellent idea to have your child's name on the headphone unit as well.

    About Student-Owned Devices:

    Stripling Elementary supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). How often your children will use their device at school each week will depend on the teacher's plan of instruction.

    Readers and tablets are excellent products for students because they are easy to use and provide cameras, apps, and access to the internet. Some may need to install additional add-ons or apps to make certain sites work correctly.

    Another choice is a personal laptop. Laptops also are excellent products to use for internet research and learning, productivity, and typing programs.

    Although 15-inch laptops tend to be the cheapest, 11- to 14-inch models are better for students on the go because they usually weigh under 5 pounds, making them much easier to transport to and from class. An 11-inch laptop will often do the trick and is particularly helpful for young students with small hands. You might consider buying a laptop with a touch screen. Many new budget laptops come with touch screens.