School Messenger

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    SchoolMessenger is a rapid notification system used to contact families in Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) via email messages. The district uses the system to communicate information related to districtwide events, including safety alerts, key school dates, and school closings due to inclement weather. Schools also may use the system to communicate information related to school events.

     How do I access SchoolMessenger?

    Access is free and easy! GCPS parents and guardians can access SchoolMessenger through their Parent Portal account. The link is found in the list of “Additional Resources.” A parent also can use the app or visit the SchoolMessenger website at Create an account by clicking Sign Up at the top right.

    IMPORTANT: You must use the email address you provided to your child’s school.

    What can I do in the SchoolMessenger App?

    The SchoolMessenger app allows you to review recent messages sent by the district or your student’s school, manage your contact preferences, and set your mobile devices to display when new communications arrive. Use any Internet-enabled device to download the SchoolMessenger app, available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.