Summer Math

  • RISING 6th Grade
    1. Packets are the same for all Math classes.
    2. Packets are due on the first day of school.
    3. Student may view the questions online and use notebook paper to complete all the assignments, however, if they have access to a printer, they may print their own copy. A printed copy is not required.
    4. Students are required to show all their work and circle their answers.
    5. Answers are posted so students can self-evaluate their work.

    Rising 6th Grade Math Summer Packet 2018-2019

    RISING 7th Grade
    Below you will find the summer math packet files. Paper copies were given out to all students at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. The due date for the seventh and eighth grade packets is the first day of school, August 6th. Students must show their work to receive credit for the assignment. Answer keys are provided so that students can check their work and make the needed corrections. Again, students will be graded on the steps they took to solve the problem. Use additional paper if needed, but work neatly and number all problems

    7th Standard Math Summer Packet 2018-2019
    7th Accelerated Math Summer Packet 2018-2019

    RISING 8th Grade
    All rising 8th grade students enrolled at Hull Middle School will need to complete the Summer Math Packet prior to returning to school on Monday, August 6th. Please complete the packet for the class you are going to enter in 8th grade. Do not complete both packets. Neatly show your work for each problem on the document - mental math is not acceptable. An answer key is provided for support. Students will be graded on work shown, not necessarily the answers they provide.

    8th Intro to Algebra Summer Packet 2018-2019
    Accelerated Algebra I Summer Packet 2018-2019