• Welcome to Sixth Grade!

  • Sixth Grade Academic Team

    Introducing Your Sixth Grade Academic Team!

    Row 1 (L-R) Carole Jackson, Jennifer Wallace, Sharon Black, Kathylee McElroy, Taneesha Henderson, Dr. Keith Thompson

    Row 2 (L-R) April Mitchel, Barbara Holland, Caroline Pena, Shannon Melton, Angelika Shelley,

    Row 3 (L-R) Ed Varn, Deborah Hartman, Jodi Mercer, Susie Overwyk, Jamie Savoie


Sixth Grade Announcements

  • 6th Grade inSPIRE Team Application

    The application is now available for rising sixth grade students to enroll in the Northbrook inSPIRE program for the 2019-2020 school year. inSPIRE is an instructional model that focuses teaching and learning on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through a project-based learning focus.
    inSPIRE is ideal for students who enjoy math and science, as well as those who love to learn by doing. Students who enjoy problem-solving and collaborating with others are also ideal candidates. This program is available to all students, of all ability levels. Our inSPIRE schedule can accommodate students in both standard and accelerated math, as well as for students who qualify for gifted or special education instructional programs.

    The goal of InSPIRE is to increase college and career readiness through a collaborative and rigorous curriculum and to empower students to become innovators and technologically proficient problem solvers. Typical classroom instructional strategies will include:

    • Focus on Problem Based Learning – Students work individually, in pairs, and in small groups to engage in interdisciplinary projects throughout the semester that allows for a unique learning experience. Projects help students experience the world as it exists outside of the classroom walls.
    •  Integration between the Content Areas – Literature, writing, classroom activities, and projects allow students to master skills and content for language arts, math, science, and social studies. This allows in-class experiences to have greater relevance to the student.
    • Emphasis on 21st Century Skills – Students will explicitly practice and hone skills related to critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, leadership, and technology.


    If you are interested in applying to the inSPIRE program, complete the application (see link and QR code below). The online application consists of four sections, an overview of inSPIRE, student information, two teacher recommendations, and a short response component. The application will be available for students to complete throughout January and February 2019. For parents and students who wish to get more information, please see the Northbrook website under “Academics” and click the link for “STEM.”

    inSPIRE STEM Application  
    6th Grade inSPIRE Team Application

    Please contact me if you have any questions,
    Dr. Brooks Baggett, Assistant Principal
    Email: brooks_baggett@gwinnett.k12.ga.us
    Phone: 678.407.7137

    inSPIRE Team Information

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  • 5th Grade Parent Night

    5th Grade Parent Night Flyer Download

    Rising 6th Grade Parent Night



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  • Recommended Mathematics Sequences 2019-2020

    Recommended Mathematics Sequence Download

    Recommended Mathematics Sequences


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  • Accelerated Mathematics Commitment Letter 2019-2020


    Your child, ________________________________________, has been recommended for placement into the sixth grade accelerated mathematics sequence at Northbrook Middle School. The middle school accelerated math course incorporates all the required state standards in sixth grade math, as well as approximately half of the state standards in seventh grade math. To cover this curriculum, the accelerated math course moves at a quicker pace than the standard middle school program.

    This increased pace and the rigor of the math standards means that this math course sequence will be very challenging. To assure that students are prepared for this level of rigor and pace in mathematics, several factors have been considered. Students are evaluated for their preparedness for this course based on the criteria listed below:
    • Semester grades of 85% or higher during first and second semester math course.
    • 115 or higher on the Quantitative section of the fifth grade CogAT.
    • Distinguished and high-performing Proficient (525 or higher) on the fourth grade Milestones Assessment.
    • Recommendation from the current math course teacher.

    To better understand the Gwinnett County math sequence, please see the sequence chart on the back of this page. Students in the accelerated math course in sixth grade will be prepared for Geometry when they begin ninth grade at Peachtree Ridge High and are expected to take an Advanced Placement math course during eleventh or twelfth grade. Students who enroll in the accelerated math sequence are expected to maintain acceptable academic progress throughout the sequence.
    Please indicate your willingness to place your child into the accelerated math sequence and to support him/her in this process by signing and returning this letter to your child’s school by Friday, March 1, 2019.

    Brooks Baggett
    Northbrook Middle School Assistant Principal


    Accelerated Mathematics Commitment Letter 2019-2020

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  • Rising Sixth Grade Yearlong Connections Form

    In addition to core academic classes (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies), Gwinnett County middle school students take two Connections classes each semester. Middle school Connections classes are similar to Specials classes in elementary school. They offer wonderful enrichment and are lots of fun!

    There are two types of Connections classes:
    1. Elective, Year-Long Music Classes – Students may choose to take Band, Orchestra, and/or Chorus. These classes are on the student’s schedule for the full school year.

    2. Non-Elective, Semester-Long Classes – Courses include P.E., Health, Spanish, Computer Science, Math Enrichment, Engineering, and Visual Arts. These classes are assigned to students randomly, and are different each semester.
    Most students choose to elect one year-long music course and to have one assigned, non-elective Connections class which changes each semester. However, students may choose TWO year-long music classes, if they like.

    All sixth grade students are strongly encouraged to elect a year-long music course as one (or both) of their two Connections classes! Music allows your child to learn a fun and challenging new skill. Here’s what you need to know about Northbrook Middle School’s music electives:
    • No previous music experience or training is required! Beginners are welcome – in fact, most of our sixth grade music students are beginners.
    • Beginning band, orchestra, and chorus instruction is offered only in the sixth grade, so it’s important for sixth grade students to take advantage of this unique opportunity for beginning instruction.
    • Students enrolling in band or orchestra must make arrangements for their own instrument. The band and orchestra teachers will provide further information about this to the students.
    • Band and orchestra teachers will guide students and parents on instrument selection and rental at the beginning of the school year, helping determine the right instrument for your interests, experience level, and budget.

    Fill out the course selection form on the back of this page and turn it in to your child’s teacher by Friday, March 1, 2019.
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  •  Rising Sixth Grade Parent Night Information

    Please click this link to access the information that was presented at Parent Night Fall 2018.
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  •  Sixth Grade Summer Reading Option

    Click this link to see the reading list for all Northbrook students.
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  •  Sixth Grade Supply List

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