• All Gwinnett County students are required to pass language arts and math, as well as five of six academic courses to be eligible for end of year grade promotion. Northbrook Middle School will offer credit recovery for students who failed first semester courses. Academic Assistance Program (AAP) will provide six weeks of instruction aligned to first semester curriculum standards. Students will take the county post-test at the conclusion of the course. Those who successfully demonstrate mastery of the curriculum standards will earn a passing grade (70) for the course.

    AAP courses are offered during the school day, during Connections. Upon completion of the AAP course, students will return to their scheduled Connections class. Students will be exempt from any Connection assignments during the time enrolled in AAP.

    Attendance is mandatory in order to earn course credits necessary for promotion. Students who misbehave during AAP sessions will be dismissed from the program and will be in jeopardy of being retained at the end of the school year.

    Details regarding courses offered, dates and Connections classes affected will be communicated in January.