• School Attendance Strategies

    According to the Georgia DOE, “Data indicates that missing more than five days of school each year, regardless of the cause, begins to impact student academic performance and starts shaping attitudes about school. Chronically truant students are not the only students negatively impacted by absences. For students in 6th grade through the 9th grade, student attendance is a better predictor of dropping out of school than test scores. This predictor is not limited to chronically truant students. Excused absences and unexcused absences have a similar impact on student academic performance.”

  • Bus Stop Locations

    bus sign

    Bus Stop Locations

  • Excused Absences

    State law requires school attendance for students ages 7 to 16. Gwinnett County Board of Education Policy states that students will be excused from school under the following circumstances:

    1. Personal illness or illness/death in the immediate family. 

    2. Religious holiday.

    3. Mandates by government agencies. 

    4. Service as a page in the General Assembly.

    5. Military physical or doctor’s appointment.

    6. Conditions rendering attendance impossible or hazardous to student health or safety.

    Parent notes will be accepted for up to seven 7 excused all-day absences per semester and seven 7 check-ins or check-outs per term. Thereafter, the only excused reasons for absences, check-ins, and check-outs are those listed above and verified through the following formal documentation: Doctor or hospital notes, court or government mandated papers, funeral brochures or programs. Excused documentation should be submitted to the attendance office within 5 days of returning to school.

  • Unexcused Absences

    Absences or tardies/check-ins are unexcused for all other reasons, including but not limited to:

    1.  Missing the bus, oversleeping, parent/guardian schedule.
    2.  Vacations, trips, family visits, college visits (two per semester, approved by the Attendance Office).
    3.  Student employment, babysitting, running errands, and traffic congestion.

    If the student has no note, he/she will be considered as having an unexcused absence or check-in.

    After a total of five (5) unexcused absences, students may be considered truant and in violation of local and state law. Parents of truant students may have legal ramifications according to the GCPS county attendance policy. After ten(10) consecutive absences, a student may be administratively withdrawn. 

  • Pre-Arranged Absences

    In the event that parents need students to miss school for personal reasons (trips, college visits, vacations, etc.), the student should complete Prearranged Absence Form at least three days prior to the absence. Forms may be obtained in the attendance office. The request will be reviewed by an administrator for approval or denial. If approved, the student will be allowed to make up work missed., although the absence will still be considered unexcused. Students are limited to five prearranged days per year. Prearranged absences are not to be used on exam days.

  • Check In/Out

    Return to School from an absence or when checking in: 

    When returning to school, students should either bring documentation to the attendance office or request parents to have documents faxed to the Attendance Office at 678-957-3108. The student name and student ID number should be included on all documentation as well as the parent contact phone number for verification. Field trips, In-School Suspensions (ISS) and/or school-sponsored events are not considered absences. Out-of-School Suspensions (OSS) are considered as absences but are not counted for the excessive absence policy.

    To Check out Early: 

    Once a student arrives on campus, he or she may not leave without receiving proper authorization (checking-out), from the Attendance Office.                                                                                  Students are only allowed to check out with individuals listed on the student's profile. There will be no check-outs after 1:30 PM. 

    1. Students must bring a signed note to the Attendance Clerk (Front Lobby) before school begins. 

    • The note must include the student's full name and student ID number, a parent signature, and a phone number where the parent can be reached. 
    • The time missed from class will be excused or unexcused based on the criteria listed below. 

  • Discipline Procedures

    PRHS Tardy Policy                                                                                                                          

    3rd TARDY - Warning   

    4TH TARDY- 1 hour Admin. Detention

    8th TARDY- 2-hour Admin. Detention, Loss of Student Parking for One Week

    12th TARDY- 2-hour Saturday School, Loss of Student Parking for Two Weeks

    Every 4th TARDY (after your 12th)- 4 Hour Saturday School, Administrative Referral, Loss of Student Parking for the Semester                                               


    PRHS AWOL from Class Policy                                                                                                *AWOL incidents result in an automatic Administrative Referral

    1ST OFFENSE- Admin. Conference, Phone Call Home

    2ND OFFENSE- 2 Hour Admin. Detention, Phone Call Home

    3RD OFFENSE- 4 Hour Saturday School, Parent/Counselor Conference

    4TH OFFENSE- 1 day of ISS, Rule 10 Contract

    5TH OFFENSE- Rule 10 Contract Violation Consequence (Administrator Discretion) 

    PRHS AWOL from Class School Policy                                                                                   *AWOL incidents result in an automatic Administrative Referral

    1ST OFFENSE- 4 Hour Saturday School, Loss of Student Parking for One Week 

    2ND OFFENSE- 1 Day of ISS, Loss of Student Parking for Two Weeks 

    3RD OFFENSE- 2 Days of ISS, Loss of Student Parking for the Semester 

    4TH OFFENSE- 2 Days of ISS, Rule 10 Contract

    5TH OFFENSE- Rule 10 Contract Violation Consequence (Administrator Discretion) 

    *Consequences for Attendance Violatons: Consequences listed are for failure to follow the GCPS Student Conduct Behavior Code and local school rules. Peachtree Ridge High School may issue a Level I or Level II offense for future violations of either Rule 10C or Rule 10D. If the school has issued a student a Behavior Contract and/or Rule 12 Notice, violations of Rule 10C and/or 10D may be elevated to a Level II offense (4-9 suspension days) or a Level III offense which would be a referral to a student disciplinary hearing. 


    Administrative Detention

    Location:  B-101 Computer Lab on Tuesday & Thursday                                                                           

    1 Hour Admin. Detention (2:30 - 3:30 PM)                                                                                       

    2 Hour Admin. Detention (2:30 - 4:30 PM)

    Saturday School

    Location:  Media Center                                                                                                                         

    2 Hour Saturday School (8:00 - 10:00 AM)

    4 Hour Saturday School (8:00 - 12:00 PM) 


  • Dress Code

    Peachtree Ridge High School is the standard of excellence in all we do. In an effort to maintain this standard, we encourage students to present themselves in a way that promotes excellence in the dress. The following guidelines were created to help inform decisions when deciding what to wear to school.

    At Peachtree Ridge, the clothing that is selected to wear should not diminish our daily academic focus. Our core business of teaching and learning is disrupted when a student has to be referred to an administrator for the dress that does not promote school excellence and pride. If a student is dressed in a style that does not promote excellence based on the discretion of a school administrator, the student will be asked to correct the situation. Failure to comply will result in a discipline consequence.

    Clothing that does NOT promote an image of excellence is an outfit that…

    1. Shows cleavage
    2. Shows midriff
    3. Shows bottoms/ upper thighs
    4. Shows undergarments
    5. Includes head covering (hats, etc.)
    6. Includes inappropriate pictures/texts

    Clothing that DOES promote an image of excellence is an outfit that…

    1. Covers your chest
    2. Covers your stomach
    3. Covers your bottom/ upper thighs
    4. Covers your undergarments
    5. Has appropriate content on shirts
    6. Uncovers your head unless for religious purposes

  • Makeup Work

    It is the responsibility of the student to request make-up work within five days after an excused absence. Students are responsible for getting all make-up work completed within the time frame set by the teacher. Failure to do so will result in a “0” for all work missed.

  • Attendance and Teen Drivers

    Any applicant who is younger than 18 years of age must be enrolled in and not under a suspension from a public or private school for a period of one academic year prior to application for an instruction permit or driver’s license.

    The DMV will suspend the license of a minor who:

    1. Has dropped out of school without graduating and has remained out of school for ten consecutive school days.
    2. Has more than ten school days of unexcused absences in any semester or combination of two consecutive quarters.
    3. Has been suspended from school for:

    a. Threatening, striking or causing bodily harm to a teacher or other school personnel.

    b. Possession or sale of drugs or alcohol on school property.

    c. Possession or use of a weapon on school property.

    d. Any sexual offense prohibited under Chapter 6 of Title 16.

    e. Causing substantial physical or visible bodily harm to or seriously disfiguring another person, including another student.

    Any infraction of the above conduct offenses will be a one-year suspension or shall be suspended until the minor’s eighteenth (18th) birthday, whichever comes first.