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  • Welcome to the PRHS Community School

    Welcome to the Peachtree Ridge Community School web page. The Peachtree Ridge Community School office fosters community and school partnerships, increasing student access to opportunities and providing resources to a generous community. We believe that good schools make better communities.

    The Community School Office leverages our strong and vibrant community to maintain the standards of excellence in the Peachtree Ridge Cluster. We support the Peachtree Ridge Cluster Schools in setting the Standards of Excellence as a learning community.

  • Summer Camps 2019

    Orchestra Camp

  • Summer Health and PE

    Summer School Health & PE Signup
    Summer Health and PE Sign Up

  • Driver Education Dates

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    DRIVER EDUCATION – $345 (30 hours classroom/6 hours driving instruction)

    This Drivers Education Class includes 30 hours of classroom instruction plus 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel driving instruction and 6 hours of driving observation with one of our DDS Certified Instructors. Please keep in mind that the classes are mandatory and we have no make-up dates. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the PRHS Community School. Pay fees electronically at MyPaymentsPlus.

    Summer Drivers Ed

    Monday thru Wednesday from 8 am to 4 pm.
    Thursday from 8 am to 2 pm.
    All classes are held in room E-107


    Drivers Education (30/6) Classes

    June Class:

    Monday 6/10
    Tuesday 6/11
    Wednesday 6/12
    Thursday 6/13


    July Class:

    Monday 7/15
    Tuesday 7/16
    Wednesday 7/17
    Thursday 7/18


    Drivers Education Contract

    Drivers Education Contract 2

  • Defensive Driving


  • New Online Drivers Education Class


    $65.00 (30 hours virtual driving theory instruction)

    Register and pay for the Online class:

    DRIVE ONLY – $280 (6 hours Behind-the-Wheel driving instruction) 
    DRIVERS EDUCATION – $345 (30 hours classroom and 6 hours behind-the-wheel driving instruction) 
    DEFENSIVE DRIVING CLASSES – $45 (sponsored by the National Safety Council)

  • ESOL

    If you want to improve your English language skills, then Gwinnett Tech is the place for you!

    Register online at

    Call 678-226-6401 for more information, or visit Gwinnett Tech's Lawrenceville Campus
    5150 Sugarloaf Parkway, Building 400.

  • SAT/ ACT Prep Classes

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    Did you know that by taking an SAT or ACT Prep course you can increase your SAT score by +147 points or your ACT score by +4.2 points?

    Dear Peachtree Ridge Parents and Students:

    Cornerstone Academic will be holding the following summer programs for Peachtree Ridge students!

    Summer SAT Prep Courses

    The following Summer SAT Prep courses are available for Peachtree Ridge students.

    -Course 1: May 04 – May 26

    -Course 2: June 15 – July 21

    -Course 3: June 27 – July 30

    -Course 4: July 27 – Aug 18

    Summer ACT Prep Courses

    The following Summer ACT Prep courses are available for Peachtree Ridge students.

    -Course 1: May 11 – June 2

    -Course 2: June 10 – July 10

    -Course 3: Aug 10 – Sep 8

    More SAT/ACT course options and detailed schedules at -SAT/ACT courses are just $599 and payment plans are available

    SAVE $150 on any course with code “SUMMER150” when you enroll by 5/31/19! Space is limited!

    Summer Booster Courses for Peachtree Ridge Students

    Summer Booster Courses are designed to avoid learning loss and give students exposure to and familiarity with their Fall 2019 curriculum so that they can start ahead.

    Classes start on June 3, 2019! Courses available include: PSAT Prep, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and AP Statistics.

    Courses are available at no additional charge for students already enrolled in our Unlimited Tutoring Program or costs $599 per course for non-enrolled students.

    -SAVE $150 with the Peachtree Ridge HS partnership with promo code “SUMMER150” on any Summer Booster Course when you enroll by 5/31/19.

    For more information on all programs, please visit or call 404-919-7227.

  • Benefits of completing the Driver Education class at Peachtree Ridge.

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    Benefits of completing the Driver Education class at Peachtree Ridge.

    DDS Certified Driver Education program

    Meets Joshua’s Law requirements for teen students

    Georgia Driver Education Tax Credit (Chapter 13 Title 43) of $150 for a dependent minor child who has successfully completed a drivers education course 

    NEW ONLINE DRIVER EDUCATION CLASS – $65 online Driver Education registration 

    This virtual Driver Education Class includes 30 hours of instruction and is approved by the Department of Driver Services.

    The lessons are self-paced and available 24/7 for the student’s convenience.

    Once a student finishes the online class, they may complete their 6-hour driving requirement with one of our Peachtree Ridge DDS Certified Instructors.

    See the Drive Only information below for more information about the 6 hours Behind-the-Wheel driving instruction requirement.

    DRIVE ONLY – $280 (6 hours Behind-the-Wheel driving instruction)

    We welcome students who have earned an online driving certificate to complete their 6-hour driving requirement with one of our Peachtree Ridge DDS Certified Instructors. Students must have basic driving skills before enrolling.  A Student who fulfills the 6 hours driving will receive a certificate recognizing completion of the Behind-the-Wheel driving requirement.

    The cost is $280 and may be paid by check at the Community School or through MyPaymentsPlus. Print and complete the Behind-the-Wheel (BtW) contract.  To enroll, submit the contract, on-line Certificate of completion, proof of payment and a copy of the permit to the PRHS Community School.

  • Other Community School Links

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    • Summer PE/Health
    • Credit Recovery
    • End Zone after-school tutoring
    • Facility Rental