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  • Hours and Contact

    Hours: 6:45-2:30                        

    Media Center Contact Number:  678-512-6089            

    E-mail: joni.gilman@gcpsk12.org

    *The Community School End Zone program is open in the Media Center from 2:10-4:30 Monday through Thursday where students can work on school work in the media center.  Ms. Fero is in charge of this program and can be contacted through our Community School's office.

  • Services

    Our mission in the media center is to teach students the skills they need to access, interpret, and manage their information needs not only today, but for their lifetime. We hope to encourage the development of life long learners, collaborate with the faculty to promote learning across the curriculum, teach information literacy skills, advocate a love of reading and of libraries, and provide a collection of materials reflective of the needs of our students and teachers. We provide the following services for students and teachers:

    • 15,000 print resources plus access to ebooks and an extensive Online Research Library (online library access through eClass). 
    • 21 periodical/magazine subscriptions.  Gwinnett Daily Post newspapers. Electronic versions of popular and academic magazines and journals, as well as extensive online encyclopedias are available through the Online Research Library
    • 32 networked computers (an additional 30 wireless laptops available upon teacher request).
    • Printers, Copy Machine, Scanner, and daily lamination for teachers.
    • Die cut Machine and Bulletin Board Paper 
    • Three teaching areas available for reservation through GSScheduler
    • For teachers:  laminating machine, bulletin board paper, overhead bulbs, die cut machine, professional library of print and online resources, document scanner, digital cameras, projectors, document cameras, speaker systems and more.   

    In our media center, students are encouraged to explore topics related to coursework and discover new interests in spacious and welcoming surroundings.  Our state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of resources make research efficient and allow students to gain new and different impressions concering various subjects.  Students are encouraged to make full use of the library media center to further their study, broaden and deepen their minds, and express creativity.

    Need help?  Stop by to see us or e-mail Mrs. Gilman directly at joni.gilman@gcpsk12.org

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get to the county databases from home (AKA Online Research Library)?           Do I need passwords?

    When you login to eClass you can find the ONLINE RESEARCH LIBRARY app.  If you access these databases through your eClass you will NOT need passwords.  However, the passwords are also posted in your eClass should you get to these databases using a different route.picture of Online Research Librar  

    How do I get my eClass/network password reset?

    Any teacher who actually has you in class is able to reset your password through their employee portal.


    How long can I check out a book?

    Students can check out a book for THREE Weeks.  If you are not finished by the due date you can bring it back to renew it for another THREE weeks. 


    How many books can I check out?

    THREE!  And you can keep them for THREE weeks!

    How much are late fees for books?  

    For every school day that a book is overdue the system charges 10 cents a day.  Please keep up with your due dates and bring your book back to renew or return so you don't continue to accrue fines.  Student fine balances will be sent out during PRIDE every month and will also be e-mailed home.  We will stamp the back of your books with your due dates, and we suggest that you put a reminder in your phone to bring it back on time to avoid late fees.  

    How do I pay for late fees?

    You can bring cash into the media center or pay online through MyPaymentsPlus.  The book needs to be returned before the fine is assessed.  If you lose a book you will be charged a $20.00 replacement fee for hardcover or $10.00 replacement fee for paperback.

    How much is printing in the media center?

    Printing in Black in White is available in the Media Center for 10 cents a page.

    How do I get to our eBooks?

    You can download our Destiny Discover app on your device and login using your student number and password.  More detailed directions can be found on our eBook page of this web site. 

    Do you have audiobooks?

    Yes!  We have CD-ROM audiobooks located in the graphic novel section.  We also have digital audiobooks through our Destiny Discover app.  More information can be found on our eBook page of this web site. 

    How do I search for a book in the library?

    You can get to the Media Catalog to search books by visiting the app on your eClass page, the icon on all desktop computers, the stand alone kiosk in the middle of the media center, or you can just come talk to us at the circulation desk and we can search for the book for you.

    How do I put a book on hold?

    The easiest way is just to come talk to us at the circulation desk and we can put it on hold for you in the system.  Once the book gets checked in we will notify your teachers that it is ready.  If you want to create the hold on your own then you can login to the media catalog using your student number and password and request the book through our catalog.  We are always happy to do it for you so just come talk to us!

    What if the library doesn't have the book I need?

    Mrs. Gilman is always taking student requests for new books to add!  Come talk to her or e-mail her with your suggestions at joni.gilman@gcpsk12.org.  In the meantime, did you know you can also use your student number to check out books at the public library through our Branch Out program? You can try visiting the Gwinnett County Public Library to search through their collection.

    Can I come to the media center during my class time?  

    Yes!  You just need a pink pass signed by your teacher and then you will need to check in at our circulation desk. If you do visit the media center during class time, we ask that you work on something for your classes.

    Can I spend my lunch break in the media center?

    Yes!  We just ask that you do NOT eat in our freshly carpeted media center.  If you want to eat in the cafeteria first and then come to the media center, just stop by the circulation desk on your way to lunch and ask for a lunch pass.  If you report straight to the media center at the beginning of your lunch then you do not need a pass.  We just require that you are work on something school related if you are spending your lunch in the media center.  

    How does the afterschool EndZone program work?

    The EndZone is a Community School Program that uses the media center from 2:10-4:30.  Ms. Fero is in charge of the EndZone program and is our Community School Director.  More information about the EndZone program can be found on the Community School page of our school web site.  

    What is the Readers Rally Club and how do I join?

    The Gwinnett Readers Rally is a quiz bowl style competition for students in grades 4 – 12. Students read books from a predetermined list and answer questions about those books. Our club meets as a PRIDE class and is a fun community of book lovers.  If you are an avid reader and want to join our club come and talk to Mrs. Giman in the media center to learn more! The 2019 Gwinnett County Readers Rally Competition will be held at Peachtree Ridge High School on Saturday, February 23, 2019. You can see more about our club by visiting our Readers Rally web site:


  • Meet Our Staff

    Library Science Students:

    pictures of students

    We couldn't run our media center without our amazing Library Science students!  Each block we have students who run our circulation desk, shelve books, help teach classes and complete special projects.  These students complete curriculum coursework in order to earn an elective credit.  Through this course students learn about the research process, library procedures, software systems, customer service and more.  If you are a Peachtree Ridge student and want to apply to take Library Science then stop by the media center to pick up an application.  

    Mrs. Joni Gilman, Media Specialist

    picture of Mrs. Gilman

    Phone: 678-512-6089

    Email: joni.gilman@gcpsk12.org

    About Mrs. Gilman:

    2018 State of Georgia District Media Specialist of the Year
    2018 Gwinnett County Public Schools Media Specialist of the Year 
    Recipient of the 2017 Judy Serritella Exemplary Media Program Award 

    Bachelors Degree in Language and Literacy Education from UGA
    Masters Degree in Library Media from Georgia State University
    Specialist Degree in Brain-Based Learning from NovaSoutheastern University

          Joni Gilman is the full time Media Specialist at Peachtree Ridge High School.  Mrs. Gilman taught Language Arts for five years at PRHS before becoming the Media Specialist in 2011. She is a graduate of Gwinnett County Public Schools where she attended Brookwood High School. Mrs. Gilman enjoys reading, being outdoors, and spending time with her husband and two sons. 

       Mrs. Karin Goss, Media Center Clerk

    picture of Mrs. Goss

    Phone: 678-512-6089

    Email: karin.goss@gcpsk12.org

    About Mrs. Goss:

    Bachelors Degree in Language Arts from NYU

    Masters in Library Media from West Georgia

    Teacher Certification from FAU

            Karin Goss is the Media Clerk at PRHS and has been an employee of Gwinnett County Schools since 2013. A former Language Arts teacher, and native New Yorker, Karin enjoys doing theatre and improv, watching the UGA Dawgs win football games, reading books (of course!), and going to the movies. She is married with one son and one adorable rescue dog named Mick Jagger