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    Student Password Resets 2018-2019.  ALL student passwords from last year have been reset to their student number!


    All student passwords were reset to their default password (GCPS-issued student ID) between in mid-July

    Students must do the following:

    “Forget” the GCPS wireless network on any BYOD device used during the previous year. Use their GCPS-issued student ID as their user ID and password when logging onto a GCPS-networked computer or logging into the student portal for the first time. During successful login, create their new password.

    Please note that it is strongly recommended that students reset their passwords at home prior to school starting, so they can be fully prepared to participate in all classroom activities, including assessments, when school begins. See below for step-by-step directions for students to do this. Please feel free to post this on your school website and hand it out to students and parents during orientation.

  • Forget the Network!!

    ANY TIME you change your password on the portal or a school computer, you will also need to update your BYOD password. OR if you have gotten a new device (phone, tablet, Chromebook, etc) and you bring it to school, you will need to connect to the GCPS-Mobile network using your computer/portal password.
    Follow these instructions for logging in. There are also instructions on how to FORGET the network and reconnect if, for example, you changed your network password. Then you will need to change your BYOD password to this new password.