• SENIORS: Class of 2022

  • Volunteer Hours - deadline May 3, 2021

    Peachtree Ridge encourages students to volunteer their time to help and assist others.  People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.


    If you keep track of your volunteer time and input into the system, you may be recognized by the school by providing you a cord at graduation. To input volunteer hours, you must be signed into your school email account and click on this link to access the input form.   Volunteer Hours


    To earn a volunteer cord for graduation, you must have accumulated 180 total hours during your high school career.  These hours must be submitted into the system.  The hours must be actual hours volunteering outside of your school day.


    2021 Graduates!  All volunteer hours must be entered by May 3.  All hours entered as of this date will be used to determine if you earned a cord. 

    Questions/concerns: karen.purcell@gcpsk12.org

Year 2022 with a graduation cap over the first 2.
  • Senior Yearbook Portraits - Summer Schedule

    Please look on at the announcement tab on the Peachtree Ridge eCLASS page for your assigned date and time.

    If the assigned date does not work for you, please go to www.magicmomentphotography.com or email us to receive an alternate time. If emailing, be sure to include desired date and time.
    We will be photographing Seniors at PRHS on Monday, July 12th (11:00am-5:30pm), Tuesday, July 13th (10:00am-5:30pm), Wednesday, July 14th (10:00am-5:30pm) and Thursday, July 15th (10:00am-5:30pm)

    Points to remember:
    1. If you cannot make your appointment, we strongly urge you to please come to one of our other locations in June or July. A list of dates and locations is available on our website.
    2. If you are one of the last appointment times, please be early or on times as the school has necessarily strict closing times.
    3. We encourage walk ins, but no walk ins will be taken the last 90 minutes of each day.

    Portraits will be taken at PRHS – in the Commons.

    Things to bring to the photo sitting:
    -Sitting payment (see options below). Cash, Check, Visa or Mastercard are accepted.
    -We strongly encourage you bring FAVORITE OUTFITS AND PROPS, such as a musical instrument, sports props, varsity jacket…


    1. $45 – Tux or Drape (we provide the tux/drape) Plus One Casual Background with and One Official Senior ID - proofs online
    2. $55 – Tux or Drape (we provide the tux/drape) Plus Two Casual Outfits/Two Backgrounds of your choice and One Official Senior ID - proofs online
    3. $70 – Tux or Drape (we provide the tux/drape) Two Backgrounds of your choice, One Outdoor Pose and One Official Senior ID - proofs online
    4. $80 – Tux or Drape (we provide the tux and drape) Plus Three Outfits/Backgrounds of your choice and Two Outdoor Poses - proofs online + a Hard Copy Mailed Home
    5. BONUS BUY: (Must purchase the day of sitting):

    $400/300 – Purchase your Senior Sitting Formal, Two Casual Outfits and all edited proofs on a disk ($400) or only your formal images on a disk ($300).

    You can prepay your sitting fee online at www.magicmomentphotography.com

    Click “Order Now” – Choose the event “2021-2022 Senior Portrait Sitting Fee”

    Dressing Tips: Choose outfits that reflect your personality but are not “busy”.
    Longer sleeves and solid colors are suggested. Shoes should match outfit. All outfits should adhere to dress code regulations for Peachtree Ridge High School.
    Females should bring a tank top in order to easily put on the formal drape.
    We strongly encourage you to make your summer appointment. We do offer make-up days in the fall, but we will not have all the staff and backgrounds available that we have in the summer. If you attend summer session, you will receive your Official Senior ID there.

    Contact Information: Magic Moment Photography, PO Box 1050, Grayson GA 30017.
    Phone: 770-979-4203.  Email:

    Website: www.magicmomentphotography.com - a great place to view samples of our work!

  • 2021 Request for Final Transcript

    Use the directions below for requesting your final PRHS transcripts.