• Homecoming and Prom Information

  • Homecoming Information

    Information will be added in Fall 2019.

  • Prom Information

    The 2020 Junior/Senior Prom

    When: April 25, 2020 from 7:00pm - 11:00pm

    Where: Infinite Energy Center Grand Ballroom

    Address: 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth, GA 30097

    For any junior, senior, or date the cost of a prom ticket is $75.00. Tickets will be available for purchase beginning August through the beginning of March. Date tickets for underclassmen and non-BHS students are also available on mypaymentsplus

    • $75 until January 14th
    • $85 until January 31st
    • $95 until March 8th
    • Tickets MUST be purchased by March 8th.
    1. Students must be present at school ALL DAY on the Friday before prom in order to be able to attend Prom on Saturday. This means no checking in late or checking out early. A tardy to first period is considered being late to school.
    2. You MUST have a picture I.D. and your ticket to enter the prom site. Please inform your date that they must have a picture I.D. as well.
    3. Non-Berkmar Students will need to be approved in advance. All guests must be 20 years old or younger. Download the form below and make sure it is turned in by the Wednesday before Prom.


    1. Berkmar High School students who are planning to bring a date that does not attend this school are responsible for sharing this information with their date.
    2. All GCPS and Berkmar High School rules apply.
    3. Because of the Georgia driving laws, Prom will be ending at 11:00. Please keep local curfews in mind when making your transportation plans.

    Prom non-Berkmar guest form

    Download and complete

  • Prom Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why do I have to pay Junior Dues?

    Ticket sales pay for half of the cost of putting on Prom, Junior dues make up the balance. Any money left after Prom is used to pay deposits on the next year's Prom. Junior Dues are required for anyone planning to attend Prom either their Junior or Senior year.

    • I transferred to BHS during my Senior Year. Do I have to pay Junior Dues?

    Since Junior Dues pays for part of Prom Junior and Senior year, Senior transfer students are asked to pay 1/2 of the original fee--before all the late fees were added.

    • I am technically classified as a Sophomore, but I earned enough credit for Junior status after the Fall Semester and I will graduate at the end of next year. Can I come to Prom?

    Yes. Just have a counselor email Mr. Mahaffey to confirm your status change. Pay your Junior Dues on mypaymentsplus and you are all set to purchase your Prom tickets and come to Prom

    • Do I have to pay more if my date does not come to BHS?


    • Do I have to pay more if my date is a freshman or a sophomore at BHS?


    • Is it OK to come to Prom solo?

    Yes. Most of the students who purchase Prom tickets did so with groups of friends instead of a specific date.

    • Is there a dress code for the Prom?

    Yes. This is a formal event and the attire should reflect the formality of the event. See the Prom Dress Code page for more details.

    • Will there be chaperones at the Prom?

    Of Course!! There is a very visible adult presence at Prom including: Administrators, Uniformed Gwinnett Police Officers, and BHS teachers/staff.

    • Will food be provided at the Prom?

    Proof of the Pudding will provide a selection of light hors d'oeuvres and desserts along with a chocolate fountain and water.

    • What type of entertainment will be at Prom?

    Entertainment will be provided by Spectrum Entertainment. Spectrum brings an outstanding MC, sound, and light show that come together to make for a magical experience.

    • I'm picking my child up after the Prom. What time should I be there?

    The Prom is over at 11:00pm. Please pick up your child at that time.

    • When is the next year's Prom?

    BHS Prom is always the last Saturday of April at the Infinite Energy Center Grand Ballroom.

    • Other Questions

    Feel free to email Mr. Mahaffey with any questions you may have.

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