Registration Information

  • New Student Registration

    An appointment needs to be made to register a new student. Appointments generally take place Monday - Friday from 8:30 - 11:30 AM. Make sure you have all the required documents listed below prior to scheduling your appointment.

    Please call to make an appointment to register a new student: (770) 806 - 7887 (English) or (770) 712-2178 (Spanish)

    If this is your first time enrolling in Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS), our school system has an easy-to-use secure online registration system that will allow you to complete many of the forms required for registering your child. This needs to be completed before you come in for your scheduled appointment.

    Required Documents

    These documents are required to complete registration.

    1) Original birth certificate or other official proof of age (certified hospital birth record, passport, or other official immigration documentation) for students in kindergarten or first grade.

    2) Georgia Immunization Form #3231 showing a second MMR and second chicken pox/proof of illness. This form must be completed by health department or private physician. A valid form must be marked “Complete for School Attendance” or “Date of Expiration.” Students transferring from out of state must have out-of-state records transferred to the 3231 form by the health department or a private physician.

    3) Vision, Hearing, & Dental Form # 3300, available from the health department or your physician and dentist. 

    4) Two Proofs of Residency:
    A current utility bill (electric, gas, or water). No phone bills.

    •  A lease agreement or home mortgage statement (must be accompanied by at least one of the utility bills above with the SAME address.)
    • If the student's family is residing in the home or apartment of another individual, please click the link to download a residency affidavit

    Residency Affidavit

    5) Proof of Custody or Guardianship, If Not the Birth Parent - A Letter of Guardianship is required for registration if the enrolling adult is not the birth parent. Contact Gwinnett County Probate Court to obtain guardianship information. The number is 770-822-8265.

    6) Proper Identification of Person Enrolling Student - The identification may include a driver's license, a state identification card, a passport, or other official photo identification, such as an ID card obtained through an official government agency.

    7) Social Security Number (optional)

  • Option 1: New Student to GCPS

    1. Visit this website: Registering Parent/Guardian - New to GCPS
    2. Create an Account and Complete
    3. Gather Required Documentation from this list 
    4. Make an appointment at Corley Elementary School

  • Option 2: Student Not New to GCPS

    1. Visit this website Registering Parents/Guardians - Not New to GCPS
    2. Login with your current email address, if you FORGOT your user name and password, please do NOT create another account - call GCPS help desk at 678-301-6547
    3. Add Your New Student
    4. Gather Required Documentation from THIS List 
    5. Make an appointment at Corley Elementary School. 

    *If you have an issue with creating an account or login into either link above call the GCPS help desk at 678-301-6547.

  • Option 3: Student Transferring from another GCPS Cluster

    1. Complete the withdrawal paperwork at your current GCPS school.
    2. After meeting with your current school make an appointment at Corley Elementary School. Please bring these two things.
      • Current photo ID
      • Proof of residency

Required Documents

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.